Hogwarts Legacy’s Treatment At Game Awards Is Tragic, Fans Claim

Didn't Receive A Single Nomination!

Story Highlights
  • The Game Awards recognizes the industry’s best games each year, providing them various awards for different categories.
  • Hogwarts Legacy was the best-selling game of 2023.
  • However, it has not been nominated in a single category, and fans are not happy.

Hogwarts Legacy has failed to make it to The Game Awards. As a game without a single nomination, it will not join the likes of Baldur’s Gate 3, Spider-Man 2, and Alan Wake 2 on the big stage in December.

However, this outcome has not been well-received by everyone. Following the nominations, fans took to different platforms to discuss Hogwarts Legacy. Many believe it has now become the biggest snub at The Game Awards alongside Red Dead Redemption 2.

Why it matters: While the Harry Potter IP is controversial, many believe the game had enough positive aspects to warrant a few nominations in the various categories of The Game Awards.

Social Media users have pointed out that Hogwarts Legacy received several positive scores, putting it close to the likes of Armored Core 6, Starfield, and Final Fantasy 16 on Metacritic.

All three of these games have received at least one nomination. Many fans believe that the controversial nature of J.K. Rowling’s statements has held this incredible game back from a positive light in the media’s eyes.

The game went through a massive launch in 2023, challenged only by Baldur’s Gate 3. Ten months later, it is still Steam’s biggest release in 2023 after reaching over 700K concurrent players

It appears many users hold the opinion that Hogwarts Legacy’s treatment is a real shame. As Avalanche Software’s first major step into the AAA industry, the developer is likely disappointed by these results.


Most of the fans appear to agree that a Game of the Year nomination for Hogwarts Legacy was always out of the question, but the game could have been selected in categories like the best soundtrack, audio design, or art direction.

Interestingly, the title was nominated for a Grammy Award due to its music.

Nonetheless, the game is now available on more platforms than ever. Following its Nintendo Switch release, Hogwarts Legacy is expected to finish the year as 2023’s best-selling title despite stiff competition.

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