Hogwarts Legacy Wasn’t Nominated For Any Category At The Game Awards

Unfair Treatment For Hogwarts Legacy!

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  • Geoff Keighley revealed The Game Awards nominations yesterday.
  • While the expectations were high, Hogwarts Legacy did not show up during the announcement.
  • The game is still the biggest launch of Steam in 2023.

The Game Awards is right around the corner, and the nominations for this year’s award show are locked in. While most of the announcements were already expected, fans have been quite shaken by a few odd choices.

In particular, the lack of a nomination for Hogwarts Legacy has been controversial. While this game is still Steam’s biggest launch of 2023, it was not picked for any of the categories in the award show.

Why it matters: The game is still one of the better-rated titles of 2023, with a score of 84/100 on Metacritic.

Game Awards – Zero nominations for Hogwarts Legacy
byu/SaulGooseman inHarryPotterGame

Following the nominations, many were surprised to see Hogwarts Legacy missing from all the categories. Fans recently took to Reddit, expressing their dissatisfaction with this decision since the title is among 2023’s best-selling titles.

It was the most successful release in the first quarter of the year and has sold over 15 million copies, adding up to over $1 billion in sales. Despite all this success, fans have been left scratching their head after this decision.

It is possible that the game was overshadowed because it was released so early in the year. Since then, the industry has seen an incredible number of big AAA releases, making it hard not to feel overwhelmed.

However, another reason for the lack of a nomination may have been the controversies surrounding the Harry Potter franchise. This was already a concern before release and may have ultimately kept the game back from being nominated.

Hogwarts Legacy

While it may not receive any awards at the event, Hogwarts Legacy was an unprecedented success. Warner Bros was also surprised by the game, reporting that it sold over twice as many copies as expected.

Therefore, it is hard to blame fans who feel the game was unfairly snubbed of nominations.

Apart from Hogwarts Legacy, a game like Starfield has been unexpectedly left out of important categories like Game of the Year. However, such games have been nominated for other categories.

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