5 Things Hogwarts Legacy 2 Needs To Be A Worthy Sequel

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Quidditch, Multiplayer, And More!

Story Highlights
  • Hogwarts Legacy was a huge success for Portkey Games, generating over $1 billion in revenue.
  • A sequel to the game is inevitable and may have already begun development.
  • Quidditch, a morality system, and more variety are just a few of the things we hope to see in the sequel.

When Hogwarts Legacy was first released in 2023, it took the gaming world by storm. It is safe to admit that the game far exceeded its initial hype since it became 2023’s best-selling release.

Set years before the events of Harry Potter movies in the same Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the title was a dream come true for fans where they could create their own wizard or witch and explore the vast school of Hogwarts, in addition to the areas surrounding it.

Following an incredible launch on Steam and positive reviews, a sequel is expected to be in development. Avalanche Software could approach the next game in several ways, and the possibilities are endless, but here is a list of a few things we want to see in a Hogwarts Legacy sequel.

Why it matters: The first game has already set the bar high enough for the franchise and the IP. A sequel is inevitable, considering it made over $1 billion in revenue.

1. Morality System

hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts Legacy missed an opportunity to enhance player immersion and narrative depth by not incorporating a morality system, a common feature in many RPGs.

Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 are famous for using such a feature, which affects the outcome of the game based on the moral choices players make throughout the gameplay.

A morality system in Hogwarts Legacy would’ve been great for the narrative, making the act of going down the path of a good or an evil wizard more meaningful by the end of the story.

Although datamines indicated initial plans for such a system, its exclusion from the final release remains unclear. The sequel should introduce such a feature to provide players with a dynamic and more personalized experience, adding more replayability to the game.

2. Better Immersion

Hogwarts Legacy

While Hogwarts Legacy fulfilled the dreams of many fans by providing an expansive journey into the magical wizarding world, it fell short in certain aspects.

Despite its beautiful and almost perfect recreation of Hogwarts, the game lacked the immersive experience of being a student within the renowned wizarding school. Apart from the classes, which were missions, there was a missed opportunity for all the activities and interactions shown in the Harry Potter books or movies.

The limited exploration, minimal interaction with fellow students, and a lackluster dueling system detracted from the overall experience. The absence of engaging challenges and variety in the dueling system was a bit of a letdown for Potterheads.

3. Better Combat System And More Enemy Variety

Hogwarts Legacy Combat

Combat was a huge part of Hogwarts Legacy, and it was a bit disappointing compared to other features like exploration and the narrative.

Overall, the combat system was complicated, and certain spells like Alohomora, the infamous spell used to disengage locks of all sorts, could only be used in puzzle sequences. Not to mention how complicated the combat was on a controller and felt limited despite many spells to cast.

This problem became worse when coupled with the disappointing lack of enemy variety. While the enemy variety is fairly wide on paper, most are just variants of other monsters or beasts and become too repetitive after a few hours despite up to 70 hours of potential content in Hogwarts Legacy.

Most of my time playing the game was spent enjoying the story and exploration but rarely the combat. The game’s sequel should fully revamp the combat system and how enemies work.

4. Quidditch

hogwarts legacy

If you’re one of the people who played the early Harry Potter games, your biggest disappointment with Hogwarts Legacy would’ve been the absence of Quidditch.

It’s incomprehensible why Quidditch was missing from the game. For those not familiar with it, Quidditch is a sports mini-game in the Harry Potter world where two teams fight for a golden snitch on broomsticks.

In-game, it is known that the reason for Quidditch’s absence was that the headmaster temporarily banned the sport due to an accident in a previous game. Despite the ability to fly a broomstick and the presence of a Quidditch ground in Hogwarts Legacy, the sport was missing from this adaptation of Harry Potter.

However, the real reason this sport was absent in the game likely had to do with a spin-off multiplayer game, Quidditch Champions, that will focus solely on this activity. The game is still under development but should arrive at some point in 2024.

There are multiple technicalities from a developer’s point of view for not introducing Quidditch, including making a whole AI variety just for the sport and practically redesigning the mini-game according to the new protagonist since the game was designed for Harry to win.

Nevertheless, I believe Quidditch is necessary for the sequel, and there is a strong chance it will be featured in the game.

5. Multiplayer And Co-op

Hogwarts Legacy Co-Op Multiplayer

Having a single-player-only game in 2022 was a bit of a surprise, and with a game like Hogwarts Legacy, the lack of some multiplayer features was another major opportunity missed.

Out of all the multiplayer aspects, the game would’ve immensely benefited from a co-op mode since it would perfectly fit the game, adding to the immersion of this Harry Potter adaptation.

Multiplayer modes for Quidditch and Duelling would have been amazing features and were even demanded by many fans.

Modders have already created a co-op mode despite the game being designed as a single-player RPG. It works surprisingly well, and multiplayer components are almost inevitable to be introduced in a Hogwarts Legacy sequel.

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