PlayStation Reports Record High 123 Million Monthly Active Users For Dec

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"PlayStation Has Been The Leader For Decades"

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  • Sony has announced a new milestone for PlayStation at CES 2024, recording 123 million monthly active users.
  • The gaming giant boasted PlayStation has been the leader in innovation for decades.
  • CEO Kenichiro Yoshida also announced Gran Turismo Sophy 2.0 is now available for all PS5 users.

PlayStation has been leading the console race comfortably this generation. With a massive lead over the Xbox Series S|X, many believe the generation has already been won.

Still, Sony and its gaming ecosystem have shown no signs of slowing down. At CES 2024, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida announced 123 million monthly active users across the consoles for December.

Why it matters: This figure marks an all-time high for the gaming giant, highlighting that the PS5 finally became a worthy part of the ecosystem last year.

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Unlike last year’s conference, Sony did not have much to offer at CES 2024 for fans of PlayStation.

While the gaming giant is seemingly gearing up for the PS5 Pro later this year, this console was not part of the presentation. Instead, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida focused on the hardware and platform as it exists today.

He proudly stated that PlayStation has been leading gaming innovation for decades, allowing the ecosystem to grow through a community of dedicated fans and developers that add to the charm of Sony’s gaming platform.

The CEO also said:

“The number of monthly active users for PlayStation in December was 123 million accounts, which is record-high.”

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The rest of the segment focused on the AI agent Gran Turismo Sophy. PlayStation has now brought Gran Turismo Sophy 2.0 to all PS5 players, offering lifelike competition in races across the game.

Overall, CES 2024 was light on information, which was not surprising. PlayStation typically saves the best for its own showcases and events like Summer Game Fest, so fans should stay tuned for more information over the course of the coming months.

The PS5 has now shipped 50 million units. Three years into its lifespan, this console has proven to be a worthy successor to the PS4, but this monthly active user count highlights that many of the users are still on Sony’s last-generation console.

With the last-generation consoles having run their course, 2024 will be a big year for the PS5. Third and first-party development is mainly focused on new hardware now, so Sony should see a major surge in new adopters this year, with an analyst predicting 18.5 million units shipped in FY24.

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