Unreal Engine 5 Based Deus Ex Looks Wonderful In New Gameplay

Looks Jaw Dropping With All Unreal Engine 5 Elements!

Story Highlights

  • A modder has shifted Deus Ex from Unreal Engine 1 to Unreal Engine 5.
  • A new development update showcases the improvements in multiple departments.
  • It will be a paid mod and require an original copy of Deus Ex.

Deus Ex was originally released in 2000 to some brilliant reviews from critics and audiences alike. It innovated a lot of things with an immersive 3D first-person experience. Its character development systems stand out with some brilliant locations to date. 

But rightfully, 24 years later, the title can’t match up to the modern title of today. However, a modder has created Project DXU24, which manages to recreate a Deus Ex Remastered version in Unreal Engine 5, and it looks stunning with all the advanced features. 

Why it matters? Deus Ex was a critically acclaimed title, and years later, it still boasts ‘Very Positive’ reviews on Steam. This version aims to improve all aspects of the game, as seen in the development update video released by DXU24.

YouTube video

Deus Ex will utilize the power of Unreal Engine 5. For reference, the original game was based on Unreal Engine 1. The notable differences include improved volumetric fog systems, particle systems, light overrides, material overrides, and improved character models. 

The developer is even adding VR support to the game. It could be an excellent VR title as immersion was a strong point of the original, which will increase with the support. It will also include editor tools. 

According to the developer, the game isn’t a remaster or a remake it:

It instead interprets target games while they are running on your PC and adapts them to run in Unreal Engine 5 in real-time.

It will also require a legal copy of the game to run the Unreal Engine 5 version. It’s really good to see the revival of the original, even if it doesn’t come directly from Square Enix and Eidos Montreal. 

However, the mod won’t be free; you must pay for it. This makes sense, too, because much effort must be put into making it possible. While the modder states it isn’t a remake, it looks like it. Adam Jensen, voice actor, stated that the title is still popular and will only increase with the modded version.

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