Deus Ex Still Very Popular, Claims Adam Jensen Voice Actor

Baffled By Lack of New Deus Ex Games!

The Deus Ex franchise is still relevant today. While Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was the last major entry for the series, fans continue to remember it fondly, asking developers to revisit it in the coming years.

Adam Jensen’s voice actor has similar thoughts about the series, finding it surprising that it hasn’t received a new entry since 2016.

Why it matters: Deus Ex is one of the most well-known IPs in the immersive-sim genre, and many believe it is filled with untapped potential.

Elias Toufexis recently spoke out against a Cyberpunk 2077 mod, which added Adam Jensen through AI in the game.

The voice actor believes such mods are unethical, as artists should be credited for their work in one way or another. In this instance, he claimed that he should be paid for his voice acting.

Nonetheless, this subject led to an interesting point from Elias Toufexis. He later stated that such mods prove how popular Deus Ex is today, and said:

“We haven’t made a new Deus Ex. That’s insane.”

Following the tweet, many fans replied on Twitter, agreeing with the voice actor. Because Deus Ex laid the foundations for many modern immersive-sim games, it is still one of the most beloved IPs in the industry.

Recent job listings have suggested a potential revival for the IP is underway, but the voice actor has already denied any involvement in such a project.

We also agree with Elias Toufexis.

The franchise has always excelled at prioritizing player freedom and expression, leading to gameplay moments that are unique to Deus Ex. This also means that, for many players, no other game has been able to scratch the itch left behind by Deus Ex.

Nonetheless, if leaks from the reliable Jason Schreier are anything to go by, a new entry is almost certainly in the works. Therefore, fans may hear about Adam Jensen and his next adventure very soon.

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