Elden Ring Going Through Huge Resurgence With 90K Players on Steam

Expansion Expected Next Month!

Story Highlights
  • Elden Ring is still doing great on Steam two years after its release.
  • Over the last week, the game has peaked at 90K concurrent players on the platform each day.
  • This resurgence was likely caused by the recent Steam sale and anticipation for the expansion.

Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s surprise claim to fame from 2022, is still enjoyed by thousands of players years after its release. The game recently topped Steam’s best-sellers charts during a sale, and players are now excited about Shadow of the Erdtree.

With more content expected to arrive next month, the game has once again climbed in popularity. Elden Ring appears to be going through a resurgence since late December, recently maintaining around 90K concurrent players on Steam.

Why it matters: As the game’s second anniversary draws nearer, Elden Ring continues to shine as the culmination of years of innovation in game design.

Elden Ring Steam
Source: SteamDB

At the time of writing, over 70K players are exploring the open world, facing tough challenges, and enjoying the brutal combat of Elden Ring.

In the last 24 hours, the game peaked at over 92K concurrent players, and SteamDB’s figures show that player counts have effectively doubled since the Steam Winter Sale went live.

Before the sale, Elden Ring peaked at concurrent player counts of around 30-45K at most. However, the recent price drop, combined with the anticipation of a massive expansion in the form of Shadow of the Erdtree, has brought the game back to life. 

This FromSoftware release is currently among Steam’s top 15 most-played titles, beating many recent releases and having many more players than massive titles like Starfield and Overwatch.

With the game going through such a resurgence, we recommend new players sitting on the fence to finally jump in. This should be enough time to complete the game before Shadow of the Erdtree is released.

Elden Ring

Recent leaks have suggested that the upcoming DLC, which has been in development for almost two years, may offer 20 hours of content, coming close to half of the base game.

Going by the studio’s history, fans can expect more bosses, new weapons, threatening environments, and PvP options in this DLC. This should also be the studio’s most extensive expansion to date, outmatching the likes of The Old Hunters.

However, another expansion could also be released after Shadow of the Erdtree.

A recent leak pointed to a major story beat planned for 2025, hinting that FromSoftware is not ready to let go of this successful release quite yet. Therefore, we hope to see more buzz surrounding the IP this year.

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