PS Plus Offered Games Worth $8,000 In 2023

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A Total of 251 Games Were Offered!

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  • PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass are among the most popular subscription services.
  • The former offered a total of 251 games last year.
  • This figure includes all three tiers of PlayStation subscription.
  • The total value of the games offered on the service was around $8,000. 

Gaming subscription services have become integral to both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Last year, Xbox Game Pass offered $9,000 worth of content, including games like Starfield and Lies of P as day-one titles.

Similarly, PS Plus proved to be quite valuable for its subscribers, offering games worth $8,000 in 2023.

Why it matters: PS Plus was recently criticized for increasing prices. Sony claimed that the higher price would help it deliver higher-quality content, and this report suggests that the gaming giant is progressing toward this goal.

PS Plus Premium

Soon after a report explored the value of Xbox Game Pass last year, the Loadout team went through the list of games released on PS Plus in 2023.

As noted in this report, PlayStation introduced a total of 251 games last year to the service after summing up all the games across the three tiers of the subscription, saving gamers thousands of dollars.

PS Plus Essential is the cheapest tier from Sony and offered 37 gamers last year. In total, this tier’s games added a value of $1,479.63 to PS Plus, but the bulk of the $8,000 value came from PS Plus Extra.

This is the most compelling tier, effectively serving as the rival to Xbox Game Pass. Across a total of 168 games, Sony added a value of $7,459.59 to this tier of the subscription.

Still, this did not include any major day-one titles like Microsoft’s offering. PlayStation’s own first-party games are part of PS Plus Extra, but the latest titles, like Spider-Man 2, cannot be played without a full purchase.

Finally, PS Plus Premium introduced 46 games worth $570.54, expanding the catalog with a slew of classic games from PlayStation’s older consoles.

PlayStation PS Plus

The above data shows Sony is trying its best to offer great games to subscribers and keep them engaged throughout the year with a plethora of games.

As expected, quite a few smaller titles were added to PS Plus last year. This left many wanting more from the service despite the incredible value represented in the calculations from the above report.

As for our outlook on Sony’s catalog, we hope to see PlayStation increasing its focus on AAA titles. The Premium tier has also been quite disappointing since many of the best games from consoles like the PS2 and PSP are still not on the service nearly two years later.

Games like God of War and Ratchet & Clank from the older consoles could easily add more value to this tier, incentivizing players to try the highest tier of PS Plus. Ideally, we would also like to see native PS3 backward compatibility, though this is very unlikely to happen in this generation.

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