PlayStation Fans Outraged After Unexpected PS Plus Price Hike

Fans Unhappy With New Prices!

PlayStation has recently announced a major increase in the annual prices of all three tiers of the PS Plus subscription. Following September 6, PS Plus Essential will start at $79.99, while PS Plus Premium will cost $159.99.

However, this change has not been well-received by fans and console users. PlayStation has received a lot of criticism for the update, with many expressing their concerns about the value of the service.

Why it matters: The cheapest tier of PS Plus is a necessary add-on for console users looking to enjoy features like online gameplay and cloud saves for PS4 and PS5 systems.

PS Plus Premium

Many PlayStation fans were already not too happy with the gaming giant after the disappointing showcase in May.

The latest announcement has added to the growing frustration from the fanbase, with several users on the PlayStation Blog lambasting Sony for the severe price hike.

Many have claimed that they will not resubscribe, as they believe the subscription does not provide enough value for the current asking price. Others have pointed to poor games like Saints Row joining the service alongside the price uplift.

While Sony claims that this price hike will allow the gaming giant to improve its offerings for subscribers, users appear to be uninterested, dismissing this statement as an empty promise.

The announcement has received similar backlash on Twitter, with even the most dedicated fans of the PlayStation ecosystem pointing to the somewhat disappointing PS Plus Essential lineups in recent months.

This is not the first time PlayStation has increased the price of its subscription service, but the latest instance certainly marks a major uplift. Tiers like PS Plus Premium are set to receive an increase of $40 after the changes go live.

Previously, the gaming giant received similar criticism for the increase in PS5 console prices across various parts of the world. However, such criticisms are unlikely to harm Sony in the long run.

Sony also appears to have already planned for such a scenario. A recent report claims that a PlayStation State of Play is on the way soon, with the gaming giant hoping to satisfy fans through exciting trailers and reveals after recent disappointments.

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