Sony has been struggling to cope with the rising inflation and supply shortages. This has led to a price hike for the PlayStation 5. Digital and physical consoles have seen a price increase in various regions.

However, the US has not been affected by this change. PlayStation has traditionally dominated Japan, but this has not saved the region from a price hike. Japanese fans are not happy, and they have decided to speak out against the price increase.

Famitsu recently covered this information, the media site posted a tweet to the article, and fans quickly criticized Sony’s recent decision. PlayStation 5 has already been struggling with sales due to limited supply, but this could prove to be a new hurdle for the Japanese giant. 

Moreover, Xbox consoles and Game Pass are looking better than ever before. While Microsoft’s offerings were already great, to begin with, Sony’s decision has made an even stronger case for Microsoft’s eco-system. Japanese fans have even stated that they might switch to Xbox now.

The PlayStation 5 disc edition has seen a 10% price hike in Japan, at over ¥5,000. This means that the console might be too expensive for some consumers. Even the cheaper digital edition console has seen a substantial price increase. PS5 digital edition has seen a similar price hike, at approximately 12%.

PlayStation 5

Sony’s recent decision has undoubtedly been a controversial move. While the economic pressure is nothing to gloss over, other console manufacturers are dealing with the same problems.

Both Nintendo and Microsoft have recently stated that they do not intend to increase prices. This is subject to change, but it seems like PlayStation will be the exception in this scenario. 

It will be interesting to see how things turn out for Sony. The next few months have some huge games lined up, with titles like The Last of Us Part 1 and God of War Ragnarok. PlayStation 5’s price hike could have a negative impact on Sony, but it is hard to make accurate predictions for now. Sony might not expect significant changes, but the fans are not happy. 

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