Xbox Game Pass Reportedly Offered Content Worth $9K In 2023

Incredible Value From Game Pass This Year!

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  • Xbox Game Pass is famous for providing the most value out of all gaming subscriptions.
  • Less than $20 each month unlocks everything this service has to offer, including AAA titles, indies, and major Xbox exclusives.
  • In 2023, Microsoft added games worth $8763 to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass has proven to be an incredible counter to the rising costs of playing games in recent years. Providing fifty day-one titles, including many AAA releases, Microsoft knocked it out of the park with its subscription this year.

When counting everything else this service offered, it provided thousands of dollars worth of content.

Why it matters: The figure highlights why many believe Xbox Game Pass remains unrivaled in the gaming industry. While alternatives like PS Plus exist, the former is much more compelling for consumers.

Xbox Gamepass

According to a report from True Achievements, Xbox Game Pass subscribers gained access to titles worth nearly $9000 this year.

This figure was calculated using the MSRP of each game that made it to the subscription in 2023, including Microsoft’s first-party games and various third-party titles through partners like EA.

Overall, the report estimates that Microsoft provided content worth $8763 in the US, $11425 in Canada, and £7695 in the UK. All of this came at the low monthly cost of $16.99 for the Ultimate tier and $10.99 for the basic plan.

For gamers, there is little doubt that this service offered immense value. While AAA releases like Starfield and Forza Motorsport alone would have justified a month’s worth of cost, additional releases like Remnant 2 and Lies of P made the service even better.

Through a mix of new and old favorites, Microsoft catered to everybody’s demands with Xbox Game Pass. A major AAA title from EA, like Dead Space Remake, was also featured on the subscription less than a year after its release.

Meanwhile, the list of games arriving in 2024 seems equally compelling, with the likes of Stalker 2, Hellblade 2, and possibly Hollow Knight: Silksong.


Phil Spencer predicts Xbox Game Pass will go through a price hike in the future. However, with Microsoft providing such incredible value, we find it hard to complain about an extra dollar or two each month.

Microsoft previously confirmed that it spends around $1 billion to bolster its subscription, resulting in more games annually than many people would buy during an entire console generation.

Once Activision Blizzard’s library joins the service, it will become an even bigger force in the industry.

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