Fans Believe Metal Gear Solid 3 Is Best Game In The Series

Still Hideo Kojima's Best Work 19 Years Later!

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  • It has been over 19 years since Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was released.
  • Fans consider the game to be the best in the entire Metal Gear Solid franchise.
  • Due to immense demand from fans, Konami is working on a remake for this entry.

The Metal Gear Solid IP left its mark on the gaming industry as early as 1998. In the years to follow, this franchise would go on to sell 60 million units, with the fifth mainline title celebrating its eighth anniversary not too long ago.

With such a rich legacy and no shortage of incredible games, there has always been a debate about the best game in the series. While everyone has their favorites, fans believe Metal Gear Solid 3 is the best game in the entire series.

Why it matters: Metal Gear Solid 3 had an emotional story backed by great stealth and combat mechanics, making it one of the best games on the PS2.

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A Reddit user recently asked fans to pick their favorite game of this iconic franchise, and most people seem to have settled on the third mainline release. What makes Metal Gear Solid 3 a cut above the rest is that this entry refined the IP’s established formula to perfection.

The game amplified stealth through the camo system, encouraging players to adapt to their surroundings. This added an extra element of thought and strategy to each encounter, making them more memorable.

Metal Gear Solid 3 was also a visual showcase in 2004. With a grim atmosphere, muted colors, and incredible motion-captured performances, Hideo Kojima delivered a cinematic experience ahead of its time with this entry.

The narrative was undeniably this game’s most memorable aspect. Characters like The Boss and Snake had more depth than typical game characters, each led by complex motivations.

While Snake is initially tasked with killing The Boss, his former mentor, the narrative is not as black and white as one might expect, leading to incredible plot twists along the story.

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We agree with this pick since Metal Gear Solid 3’s conclusion alone elevates it to the top of the series. The fact that Konami picked this game of the numerous entries for its first remake makes a strong argument for its excellence.

Following Konami’s newfound interest in this IP, Metal Gear Solid 3 is now playable on modern hardware. However, the current port of the game is not the best, receiving negative reviews at release.

Still, the upcoming remake looks quite promising in the latest gameplay footage, showcasing stunning visuals and revamped mechanics for this classic title.

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