Metal Gear Franchise Achieves 60 Million Sales Worldwide

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New Milestone Before Upcoming Remake!

The Metal Gear IP is one of the oldest and most beloved in the gaming industry. With industry veterans like Hideo Kojima at the helm, the franchise helped popularize the stealth genre through intricate gameplay and engaging story-telling.

Following recent announcements, the IP is set to make a comeback. Konami has confirmed the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection and a new remake, bringing the iconic games to modern platforms in 2023 and 2024.

Not too long after the recent announcements, the franchise has also sold 60 million copies.

Why it matters: The latest update shows that the Metal Gear IP has continued its sales momentum. However, the IP has remained dormant in recent years, highlighting its strong appeal through legacy titles.

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Nearly three months ago, Konami reported 59.8 million units sold for the series.

Therefore, the games have sold another 200K copies in this short period. The recent announcements have likely contributed to the surge in sales, with the publisher gearing up for the upcoming collection and remake.

This will allow the series to reach a broader audience in the coming years, allowing Konami to achieve bigger milestones. Popular platforms like the PS4 had no access to most Metal Gear games, but this will change soon.

With the Master Collection set to arrive on platforms like the Nintendo Switch, Konami has an opportunity to reach over 100 million new players.

Furthermore, Konami has already teased another Master Collection. This could bring the popular fourth entry to new platforms. The game is currently stuck on the PS3, with emulation being the only way to play it on other platforms.

Konami is also open to more remakes, but this will depend on fan demand. All things considered, the franchise appears to have a bright future ahead, but the gaming giant needs to ensure it handles upcoming games with care and respect.

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