Redfall Fans Frustrated Over Arkane’s Silence After Poor Launch

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No Substantial Update Since Launch!

Redfall has made its name popular for all the wrong reasons. Despite Arkane Studios’ reputation as an exceptional developer, the studio missed the mark with its latest release.

Following the launch, it quickly became the studio’s worst game and joined the list of the worst-reviewed games on Steam. Therefore, it did not live up to everyone’s expectations.

While many fans and buyers of the game hoped for improvements through future patches and updates, Arkane Studios has let fans down once again. One fan recently took to Reddit, expressing frustration over the silence from the developers.

Why it matters: Games like Cyberpunk 2077 have recently shown the results of continuous updates and patches from developers after a poor release. As such, many were looking forward to similar treatment for Redfall.

3 months after release & Redfall has had no substantial update. People are also still waiting on the additional content they paid for.
by u/welshdragon888 in XboxSeriesX

Before its launch, Redfall was expected to run at 60FPS on the Xbox Series S|X consoles.

However, Arkane Studios released the game at 30FPS, promising to boost performance to 60FPS in a future patch. Fans should also note that the game’s marketing advertised 60FPS as a critical feature before this change.

This was just one of the aspects that fans had hoped for in future updates. However, the situation is far from promising right now. As pointed out on Reddit, the game has not received a single major update in the last three months.

The post also points out that Phil Spencer claimed Redfall would continue to be supported. However, it remains unclear if Arkane Studios is currently working on a patch.

Redfall’s active internet connection requirement was among the most controversial aspects of the game, but the Director promised to work on the issue. Several months later, the requirement has not seen any major modifications.

Following the game’s disastrous launch, a report highlighted that Arkane Studios developers were not happy with Redfall’s state, and many hoped that Microsoft would cancel the game.

Keeping this in mind, the team may be doing the bare minimum to fulfill promises like additional characters for the more expensive additions. This could also mean that 60FPS may not be added to the game, but that remains to be seen.

The Reddit post has several users expressing their disappointment with the game, and it seems like most players have lost all hope for Redfall.

While Arkane Studios may not be able to redeem Redfall, all hope has not been lost. Arkane Austin has already begun to hire new developers for its next project.

Job listings have confirmed the studio is returning to its roots, focusing on single-player elements for its next project. This bodes well for the studio’s next title, considering the several years of experience it has accumulated in the genre.

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