Arkane Studios Looking To Remove Always Online Requirement For Redfall

Arkane Looking To Address The Issue!

Last month, it was revealed that Arkane Studios’ upcoming game, Redfall, would require a persistent internet connection. This shocked many fans who had enjoyed the offline single-player offerings from the developer.

Many were not fond of this, and the developer received criticism for this decision. However, Arkane Studios has recently confirmed that the team is trying to remove this requirement.


Redfall Director Harvey Smith recently talked to Eurogamer and discussed the reaction to the initial announcement.

The Director stated that Arkane Studios is aware that some people have internet outages and not everyone can stay online at all times. For many, Refall’s persistent internet requirement could prove to be a hindrance later down the line.

As such, the team has started to change the game to help such people. However, the Director clarified that nothing is guaranteed for now. He said:

“I’m not supposed to promise anything, but we’re looking into it.”

He also elaborated on a few changes needed to accommodate the removal of always online requirements. Harvey Smith stated:

“We have to encrypt your save games and do a bunch of UI work to support it.”

Additionally, Harvey Smith explained why Arkane Studios chose the always-online route for their latest game. The main reason lies behind accessibility changes through telemetry.

The developer can monitor player data to address difficulty spikes or areas of the game that are proving challenging for players due to bugs and glitches.

Games requiring an active internet connection are not a new concept. Franchises like Destiny have relied on persistent internet connections for nearly a decade. However, the gaming industry is still not fond of the concept.

Recently, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League also revealed a similar requirement and was met with outrage. As such, Arkane Studios’ decision to revert the requirement for Redfall will likely be much appreciated by fans, but it remains to be seen if Rocksteady will follow suit.

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