Retailers Covering Redfall 60FPS Advertisement With Stickers

Sticker Clarifies Missing 60FPS Mode!

Redfall, Microsoft’s first big AAA exclusive game after acquiring Bethesda Studios, is finally launching on May 2. The game has faced plenty of controversy in the past few weeks, primarily because of the lack of a 60FPS mode at launch.

However, A performance mode is set to be added in a post-launch update. Redfall physical copies have been shipped to retail stores as the game approaches launch. Some copies of the game reportedly advertise a 60FPS mode on the back.

However, the physical copy is covered by a sticker stating that the 60FPS performance mode will not be available at launch.

Redfall physical copy advertised 60 fps
Source: Twitter

Redfall’s official Twitter previously confirmed the lack of a performance mode at launch, making the physical copy error surprising. The team had also advertised the game with 60 FPS on the Xbox Store.

It is also unclear if the sticker was added by Microsoft or certain retailers. In the latter’s case, all copies of the game may not include the sticker, which could set wrong expectations for some consumers.

This also provides further evidence to speculation that the game was always intended to ship with 60FPS. However, Arkane may have run into development troubles close to launch, leading to this decision.

Redfall has had several bumps in its development, with multiple delays, and there is speculation that the game is being pushed out unfinished. Furthermore, Redfall will launch with Denuvo DRM on PC, infamous for being CPU-intensive and causing performance loss.

The game can be played in co-op or solo, but it currently requires an active internet connection at all times. Arkane previously confirmed that the team was looking to remove the requirement, although it is unknown if the requirement will be removed on launch or in a later update.

Despite lacking a performance mode, Redfall is shaping up to be one of the most essential Xbox titles in 2023. The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass Day One.

Redfall is launching for Xbox Series S|X and PC on May 2. Are you going to buy the game? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments down below.

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