Redfall Was Previously Advertised With 60 FPS On Xbox Series S|X

60 FPS Was Previously Planned?

Redfall is one of the year’s most anticipated Xbox titles, and the game is less than a month away from release. The game is developed by Arkane Studios, known for games like Prey and Dishonored series.

The official Redfall Twitter account recently confirmed that the game would be locked at 30 FPS on Xbox Series S|X. However, they also confirmed that it would get 60 FPS performance mode after the launch through an update.

Xbox fans were very disappointed with the recent news from Redfall as releases like Gotham Knights have also done the same thing, skipped 60 FPS mode, and received similar criticism from fans.

Surprisingly, it looks like Redfall was listed as 60FPS+ on the Xbox Store until recently.

Redfall 60 FPS Mode
Source: Archived Web Page

The above screenshot is taken from the archived web page of the Xbox store, and it can be seen that the game was advertised and listed as 60FPS+. Still, it was removed after the recent announcement of the 30 FPS frame rate cap.

For fans wondering that 60 FPS+ and PC Gamepad might be added because of the PC release, this is also not the case because even the PC version of the application does not include the 60FPS+ tag now, as pointed out in the tweet below.


Moreover, it is also unlikely that the game will not support 60 FPS on the PC platform at launch since PC gaming platforms have supported 60 FPS and higher frame rates for much longer than PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

This also suggests that Arkane Studios had always planned to support 60 FPS on consoles. It is possible that the developer ran into issues at some point in development, leading to the 30 FPS implementation announced recently.

Whatever the reasons for skipping 60 FPS at launch, it is still disappointing for Xbox fans as the game was initially listed and advertised with the 60 FPS performance mode. Every trailer and previous Redfall gameplay also ran on PC at 60 FPS, adding to the disappointment.

As the game is a fast-paced shooter, the 30 FPS locked might be a massive blow to the experience for Xbox users as these games are best suited to smoother gameplay. What do you think about the 30 FPS limit? Is this a deal breaker for you? Are you going to play it on PC or Xbox? Tell us in the comments.

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