Mafia 4 Job Listing Hints At Multiplayer And Stealth Gameplay

Franchise Headed In A New Direction?

A new entry in the Mafia franchise is currently in pre-production. Little is known about the game yet, and it is unlikely to come out anytime soon, but a previous leak claimed to reveal information on the game’s setting.

According to the leak, Mafia 4 will be a prequel. With a late 19th-century setting, the game is said to feature familiar Mafia characters like the popular Don Salieri. A new job listing has further added to the small but meaningful information about the upcoming Mafia 4.

Hangar 13 is hiring a Principal Designer AI for Mafia 4, and the job listing goes on to reveal that Mafia 4 will feature stealth gameplay. It states:

“Work closely with AI lead to ensure delivery of engaging stealth and combat gameplay.”

Mafia 4 Job Listing Stealth Combat

Stealth would not be a new addition to the franchise, as the latest entry, Mafia 3, featured stealth elements. However, Mafia’s stealth was far from the best that the gaming industry offers, which could allow the developer to refine gameplay further.

A competent stealth system also demands well-designed AI to ensure players are always on their toes. The requirements for the AI designer hint that Hangar 13 is looking to address this with the AI for the next Mafia game.

Furthermore, another job listing for Senior Systems Designer points to a bold new direction for Mafia 4, with the game looking to introduce multiplayer to the franchise. The job ad states:

“Experience with AAA titles, multiplayer games, and/or live game design preferred.”

Mafia 4 Job Listing Stealth Combat Multiplayer

The Mafia games have previously focused entirely on a compelling single-player narrative experience. This means that the development team has not tried their hand at a multiplayer mode for the franchise yet.

This seems to be changing with Mafia 4, but the extent of Mafia’s multiplayer offering remains to be seen. Mafia 4 could offer co-op gameplay, allowing multiple players to play through the single-player narrative at the same time.

On the other hand, the game could try to offer a separate multiplayer mode. Games with a heavy single-player focus, like Rockstar’s GTA 5, have previously found incredible success with such multiplayer offerings, and Hangar 13 could be looking to emulate this success with Mafia 4.

The listing also hints at live-service elements for the game. This could hint at a similar content rollout model to GTA 5, where players can continue to enjoy the game with new content and consistent updates.

The addition of stealth and multiplayer could take the Mafia franchise in a brand new direction. While this might sound concerning for fans of the old formula, the prospect of multiplayer in Mafia sounds exciting and holds great potential.

For gamers unfamiliar with the franchise, Hangar 13 has remade the first game for a brand new audience, and it can be found on nearly all modern consoles and PCs. The second game did not receive a similar treatment, but it was remastered and is currently available on modern platforms, along with the latest Mafia 3.

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