Marvel’s Wolverine Leak Leads To PlayStation 5 Backport

Will Soon Be Playable On Jailbroken PS5!

Story Highlights

  • Marvel’s Wolverine will become playable on jailbroken PlayStation 5 consoles.
  • The PC source code leak has led to a backport of the game on the PS5.
  • The source code leaked after a massive cyber attack on Insomniac Games this month.

Insomniac Games recently came under fire when the company faced a major cyber attack. The hackers not only leaked the studio’s entire roadmap but also the source code of Marvel’s Wolverine. Consequently, the source code led to the game becoming playable on PC.

It also revealed details like the game’s length and frame rate target. However, after the unfortunate incident, Marvel’s Wolverine is receiving a backport to PlayStation 5 consoles.

Why it matters: Leaks and cyberattacks have become a recurring trend in the industry, which is never good for the devs. The backport means that a portion of Marvel’s Wolverine will be playable on the PlayStation 5 at least 2 years before the title’s full launch.

This will soon make the game playable on jailbroken PlayStation 5 consoles, much like the recent PC build. The person behind the port claims that it is working and only needs a few more adjustments.

Compared to the PC build, this port won’t be accessible to many people. Since the jailbreaking scene for the PS5 is still relatively new, very few people are experimenting with such features.

Still, cyber-attacks becoming so common is a worrying sign for the industry. Earlier this year, GSC Game World, the studio developing Stalker 2, also faced a similar attack, resulting in more than 200GB of leaked data.

However, the Insomniac attack also hints at how exposed the studio was to the attack. Reports reveal that their security was outdated, due to which, sooner or later, a breach was inevitable.

This is something the studio must improve at the earliest.

Marvel's Wolverine

Following the incident, Insomniac has already confirmed that it will move ahead with Marvel’s Wolverine as planned. The studio has been impacted quite severely, but it hopes to stay optimistic about the future.

Marvel’s Wolverine is expected to be among PlayStation’s biggest titles of 2026. We hope this attack does not leave a lasting impact on the game and its development, with Insomniac coming out of the situation as an even better studio.

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