STALKER 2: Around 200GB Dev Build Data Leaked Online

Over 190GB Dev Build!

After over 14 years, GSC Game World is ready to bring the Stalker franchise back to the gaming industry. Stalker 2 was previously announced to release in 2023, but the studio has not announced a release date yet.

However, the game’s development has been subject to difficulties. Furthermore, the game has now suffered from a leak, leading to developer builds being out in the open.

Both builds are quite extensive, being nearly 200GB in size.

Why it matters: Stalker 2 has been subject to leaks before, with the studio facing cyberattacks, blackmail attempts, and threats for over a year.

STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl

The developer build was first spotted on a Torrent site, and it has since been circulated online.

While the leak is extensive, the build does not appear to be playable. This is good news for the developers and Stalker fans since this means that gameplay videos or screenshots will not be leaked.

However, this can change if these attacks and leaks continue. The current source of the leak remains a mystery, but fans believe that previous hackers may be involved in the scenario.

Nonetheless, this leak will not be a huge issue for Stalker 2 unless more information is leaked in the coming days.

Stalker 2 is developed on Unreal Engine 5, promising stunning visuals with features like ray tracing. The franchise is based on a mysterious Chernobyl disaster leading to numerous nature-defying anomalies.

The engaging premise has players excited about the game, and recent screenshots have also looked stunning. Fans can only hope that this is the last of the leaks, and the development team can focus on finishing the game to deliver a worthy entry in the franchise.

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