GTA 5 Now Playable On Smartphones Via Emulation

Reaches Around 50FPS On Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2!

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  • GTA 5 is a decade old and no longer intensive on modern hardware.
  • The game can now be played on smartphones after years of effort. 
  • It is already running at around 50FPS on a Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2.

GTA 5 is undoubtedly the biggest release of the last decade, and while the game is available on nearly all modern consoles and PCs, it is still not available on smartphones.

The GTA Trilogy was recently released for mobile devices, bringing various visual updates. Several days later, GTA 5 has also become playable on the platform, thanks to emulation.

Why it matters: Gaming on smartphones is quickly going through massive innovations. With Apple also interested in this segment, the next few years could revolutionize gaming on handheld devices like smartphones.

GTA 5 is finally playable on our phones, on a SD870 no less, this is a moment in history
byu/Due_Teaching_6974 inEmulationOnAndroid

As shared on Reddit, GTA 5 can now be played using the Mobox emulator at around 25-30 FPS on the Poco F3, which comes with the capable Snapdragon 870 processor.

Running the game on this device leads to an experience similar to the Xbox 360/PS3 consoles, both of which often dropped below 30FPS. While the resolution is much lower in this case, this is an impressive feat for a smartphone.

Using better hardware like the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 processor, the game can reach around 50FPS. According to the Redditor, this is a preview of the upcoming Mobox update.

Since GTA 5 is such a massive game that also struggles to run well on the Nintendo Switch, having the game playable on a small device like a smartphone is quite an achievement.

Like other Grand Theft Auto games, this title depicts a sprawling open world with various systems that tax the CPU and GPU. Therefore, this result has only been possible thanks to the effort of the developers.

GTA 5 Rockstar Games

To play the game, users are required to root their devices to get Wine sync up and running on phones.

As an early build, GTA 5 is still a somewhat buggy experience on the platform, so it might be best for the average user to wait for further optimizations before trying it for themselves.

As Mobox continues to work toward an optimized version of GTA 5 for smartphones, the industry is gearing up to welcome the release of GTA 6. The game is due for release next year and is already considered the most anticipated title in the whole industry.

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