Nintendo Switch Mod Allows GTA 5 To Be Played On The Console

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The Unofficial GTA 5 Port!

Nintendo Switch has been on the market for several years, but Nintendo believes it is not lacking in hardware. A modder has recently run games like GTA 5 and God of War on the Nintendo Switch to push the hardware to its limits, testing these claims.

Why it matters: Games like GTA 5 have not been ported to the Nintendo Switch. While it is interesting to see the game on the hybrid console, it highlights that Rockstar Games would have needed to make significant sacrifices to port the game to the console.

YouTube video

Youtuber Geekerwan explains at the start of the video that it is possible to run these titles on the console with the help of the mods. He further elaborates on how he made it possible to run GTA 5 on the Nintendo Switch.

The YouTuber installed Linux in order to run Steam on the console. He explained that Steam already consumes plenty of resources in the background, making it harder for the games to run well.

Nonetheless, Geekerwan was able to run GTA 5 on the Nintendo Switch. While the game was mostly unplayable with low frame rates, it highlights the power of modding and what can be achieved by the community’s efforts.

Geekerwan also tested games like Titanfall 2. It ran surprisingly well for the hardware but displayed problems like stuttering and frame rate dips in intensive parts.

While nearly all these games are unplayable on the aging hardware, it is fascinating to see first-party games like God of War running on the Nintendo Switch.

It was recently reported that Nintendo is expected to release the Nintendo Switch successor in the first quarter of 2024. If the upcoming console can receive similar support from modders, many of these games will likely run well on the hardware.

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