Nintendo Switch 2 Expected To Release In Q1 2024

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Following the release of the Nintendo Switch, the company has enjoyed one of its most successful gaming generations yet. The console has exceeded 120 million sales, leaving competition like the PS4 behind.

However, the hardware is also showing its age, and the company is expected to release a successor soon. Following various rumors, moneydj expects the Nintendo Switch 2 to release in Q1 2024.

Why it matters: Nintendo Switch is often criticized for being the weakest console on the market. It can struggle with third-party games, and this difference is even more noticeable after the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

According to the website, Hongzhun in China expects a massive increase in sales in 2024. Hongzun is a metal case manufacturer expected to provide parts for the console’s assembly.

However, the website does not clarify if Q1 refers to the calendar year or Nintendo’s fiscal year. A release in Q1 2024 would suggest that Nintendo is likely planning to reveal the console much sooner than expected.

This could mean the Nintendo Switch 2 may be announced before the end of the year or during the very early parts of 2024. Recently, a report also claimed that a Spanish studio had already received a developer kit for the next Nintendo console.

Following this report, rumors claimed that Nintendo updated its developer portal with NX 2, possibly hinting at a nearing release of new hardware.

Despite its age, the Nintendo Switch has shown no signs of slowing down. Recent first-party titles like Tears of the Kingdom have sold 10 million copies in three days, setting new records for the gaming giant.

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