Nintendo Switch 2 Dev Kit Reportedly Arrived At Spanish Studio

Spanish Studio Received Dev Kit!

The successor to the Nintendo Switch has been overdue for a while, as the 6-year-old hardware has struggled to keep up with competitors like the Steam Deck and the latest Asus Rog Ally.

However, recent reports hint that a successor to the Switch may be very close to a reveal. Adding to the anticipation, a leaker suggests that a Spanish studio has already received a development kit for the Nintendo Switch successor.

The report also mentions that the presence of the dev kit at the Spanish studio signifies a boost in Nintendo’s relations with them, considering Nintendo’s secretive nature.

Why it matters: With the distribution of development kits, it is likely that games are being developed for the next console. This means the console’s release is imminent, and fans will soon learn more about the upcoming Nintendo hardware.

This also means Nintendo is targeting a 2024 release for the Nintendo Switch successor. While fans would like to see a new console in 2023, Nintendo has already confirmed that new hardware is not coming before 2024.

With developer kits out in the wild, the next few months could lead to more leaks about the next Nintendo console. This could mean that fans will have a more accurate idea of the specifications and performance targets.

While not much is known about the console, previous reports have revealed that the hardware may rival PlayStation 4 performance. This would provide a considerable step up in performance and visuals.

Due to Nvidia’s collaboration with Nintendo, the console is expected to include upscaling features like DLSS. Nintendo’s President also stated that the transition from the current to the next Nintendo console would be smooth as possible.

Nintendo Switch continues to perform well in terms of sales and has become the 3rd best-selling console recently. Therefore, the gaming giant is likely hoping to use this momentum for the success of the next console.

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