Nintendo Switch 2 Rivals PS4 Performance; Supports DLSS and 4K/30 FPS

Comes With 16GB RAM!

The PlayStation 5 Pro and the Nintendo switch 2 are the consoles that are widely expected. Players are expecting better performance and Key features on both. Last night on Chinese forum, lots of details about the Nintendo Switch were leaked, detailing key features of the handelled console, including specifications.

According to leaked info, Nintendo Switch 2 will be released sooner; the Nintendo Switch 2 is faster than its predecessors and has a PS4 level of performance; however, the thread was deleted later. 

The new Nintendo Switch 2 won’t be a genuinely inventive and disruptive console like the first one but will continue with improved features for which Nintendo fans have been waiting for a long time. 

Nintendo Switch 2 details specifications

Nintendo Switch 2 leak details are extensive, somewhat complex in part, and accurate due to the precision of some data. It is unknown if Nintendo requested the removal of the thread on 4chan or if the OP received some warning or threat and deleted it.

The leak comes from a person who has been working with the system for a while, and perhaps the most important of these is the RAM.

That 16GB of RAM matches what NVIDIA introduced long ago under the Jetson Orin NX system. This implies that the GPU will be Ampere with 1,024 Shaders and 32 Tensor Cores supporting Tile Caching, with a frequency of 918 MHz. The 16GB of RAM will run under 128-bit LPDDR5, while the eight cores in this version will be 64-bit Cortex A78AE ARMV8.2 with a maximum frequency of 2 GHz.

The general performance is estimated to be between 4 and 6 times higher than Nintendo’s current model, a massive leap. Unfortunately, We don’t know its price and launch date yet, which will almost certainly be revealed in just a few months.

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