Quantum Error Dev Claims Slow Xbox SSD Could Cause Loading Screens

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No Loading Screens On PS5!

Quantum Error is an upcoming horror game for the PS5. The game is being developed by a small studio and has recently shifted development to the promising Unreal Engine 5. While it was announced for the PS5, the studio is also working on a version for Xbox consoles.

However, TeamKill Media appears to be struggling with the Xbox Series S|X consoles. The developer was recently asked about a release date and gameplay for the Xbox version, but it claimed to be facing hurdles due to the slow SSD on Xbox consoles.

Why it matters: The PCIe 4.0 NVME SSD of the PS5 was a huge marketing point for PlayStation in 2020. Sony believed the faster SSD would give the PS5 an edge over the competition.

According to the developer, the slower SSD in the Xbox Series S|X consoles is to be blamed for the development issues.

Quantum Error was designed for the PS5 hardware. The developer claims that it takes full advantage of the hardware, making it difficult to optimize the game for a slower SSD while maintaining the original design.

Following this statement, the Twitter account also elaborated, hinting at one potential solution to deal with the issue.

Like many current-generation games, Quantum Error claims to include seamless loading between environments.

The developer claims this is possible due to the PS5 SSD, and the Xbox version could introduce loading screens between environments. These recent statements have led to a massive debate between fans of both platforms.

While the Xbox Series S|X SSDs are slower than the PS5, they are no slouch. Previously, games like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart were designed to utilize the PS5 hardware, but the game is set to launch on PC next week.

This will be made possible through the use of technologies like DirectStorage. The game’s official system requirements recommend an SSD, but they do not ask for a PCIe 4.0 NVMe like the PS5 SSD.

Both current-generation Xbox consoles also support this technology, so Quantum Error could be made playable on the consoles with specific optimization for the Xbox hardware. Nonetheless, the developer believes PS5 delivers the intended experience for the game.

Following the studio’s message, it clarified that the Xbox version would not be released until it was ready. TeamKill Media hopes to ensure that Xbox players can experience the game as intended and also claims Quantum Error has improved drastically in recent months.

While the game does not have a confirmed release date for the PS5, the developer is expected to make an announcement soon. Quantum Error is in the final stages of development, and the game is nearly ready for release.

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