Nintendo Believes Nintendo Switch Hardware Is Not Lacking

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Performance Is Adequate, But Devs Want More!

The Nintendo Switch is over six years old. With various new games still released on the old hardware, many gamers have faced poor frame rates and other performance issues.

The hardware packed in the handheld is capable of running many games, but it can often be limiting for modern titles. However, Nintendo Switch developers disagree with the perception that it does not have enough performance.

Why it matters: Despite Nintendo’s rich library of games, many claim to be disappointed with the limited hardware. This also means emulation is popular for PC gamers looking to enjoy Nintendo titles at improved visuals and frame rates.

During a recent Q&A session at Nintendo’s shareholders’ meeting, Nintendo staff answered many questions that fans can read here.

One of the questions addressed the hardware specifications of the Nintendo Switch. The shareholder asked if developers were satisfied with the Nintendo Switch hardware for new games. Game developer Takahashi replied:

“As a game software developer, I would not say it is lacking.”

However, he admitted that developers are always looking for better hardware. Developers have received much more powerful hardware after the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

Still, games like Gotham Knights and Redfall struggled to achieve decent performance. Developers want to implement bigger worlds and more mechanics with each new release, so it is unsurprising that they are searching for better hardware.

In reply to the question, Ko Shiota stated that Nintendo used various methods to work around the hardware’s limitations. Moreover, he noted that Nintendo continuously implements feedback to improve the audience experience.

It should also be noted that the Nintendo Switch successor is right around the corner and is expected to deliver PS4-like performance. This should address the limitations of the current hardware.

Despite the dated hardware, Nintendo’s first-party games have performed well on the console. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has also been praised by many developers for its impressive new gameplay mechanics on the limited hardware.

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