GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on Mobile Is Major Improvement, Fans Claim

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  • GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition was released for PC and consoles back in 2021.
  • Soon after launch, it became famous as one of the worst remasters.
  • The trilogy has now been ported to mobile, coming with various improvements.
  • GTA San Andreas, in particular, is a massive step up.

Rockstar revived classic Grand Theft Auto games as a trilogy consisting of GTA Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA 3 in 2021.

However, what was expected to be a celebration of these iconic games quickly turned into a disaster. The trilogy was so flawed that it supposedly led to Rockstar canceling plans for a GTA 4 remaster.

Earlier this year, the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition was still in poor condition, but fans have been pleasantly surprised by the trilogy’s latest mobile release.

Why it matters: Mobile gaming is currently bigger than ever, and modern advancements have equipped mobile devices with the hardware needed to run big games, like Resident Evil Village, shipping on iPhone 15 Pro.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition
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Rockstar worked with Video Games Deluxe to drop the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on iOS and Android a few days ago. These games are also available for Netflix subscribers at no additional cost.

While fans were concerned before jumping into these titles, online reception has been surprisingly positive. The games have been updated to quite a large extent, leading to a better experience than the ports from Grove Street Games.

Ironically, the trilogy was initially criticized for being ported from mobile versions of these older games. Everything has come full circle in late 2023, with mobile versions of the ports seemingly fixing the existing issues.

Users have noted that the new versions come with a superior atmosphere. While they can’t match the console and PC versions in fidelity, the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition mobile ports preserve the original atmosphere of these games much better.

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Among the games, GTA San Andreas has received the most praise. It always had a famous orange tint unique to this entry, but Grove Street Games did not keep this tone in the re-release.

The mobile version restores the colour scheme, bringing it closer to the original release. Another appreciated introduction in the new versions is the ability to restore color schemes with a classic mode, removing the updated look from Gove Street Games across all games.

The PC and console versions of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition still lack the polish expected from a Rockstar release. However, the recent positivity around the franchise after GTA 6 and the mobile versions might inspire the team to hire developers for more support of its older games.

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