Resident Evil Village Looks Surprisingly Good on Iphone 15 Pro

Looks Great Compared To PS4 or PS5 Versions!

Story Highlights
  • The iPhone 15 Pro is no slouch as a gaming device.
  • Capcom has made smart compromises to port Resident Evil Village.
  • This version of the game holds up well compared to its console counterparts.

The iPhone 15 Pro marks Apple’s latest plunge into the gaming industry. With the phone boasting playable titles like Resident Evil Village, Apple believes it has the potential to become the best gaming console.

Using the A17 Pro SoC for a strong foundation, this phone can transcend the traditional limitations of the mobile form factor. It is further complemented by MetalFX upscaling for impressive performance.

This tech comes together to produce a shockingly good result in Resident Evil Village.

Why it matters: The utility of the iPhone 15 Pro as a smartphone that can also game gives it an edge over traditional gaming consoles. Apple hopes to use this to its advantage for optimal results in the future.

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Compared to the console ports, the mobile version of Resident Evil Village includes a host of graphical options, allowing for PC-like customization. However, Capcom has also included a recommended preset for those looking to get up and running without much fiddling in the options menu.

Using the recommended settings, the game is evidently missing many of the details from the PS5 version. Hair quality is significantly cut back, and the game appears more aliased due to the lower resolution.

Lighting is also inferior, leading to a less atmospheric experience. However, all things considered, the iPhone 15 Pro produces a good result. At its core, Resident Evil Village maintains most of its strengths in this version despite its limitations.

It is important to note that the game’s visuals can be significantly improved on Apple devices through some tweaking. Adjustments to settings like ambient occlusion and volumetric lighting should lead to a better-looking game without much of a hit to performance.

Users looking for the best visuals can try to play Resident Evil Village at the higher presets. However, this results in poor performance and high temperatures.

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Based on early impressions, the iPhone 15 Pro appears to be comparable to the PS4 or Xbox One versions of Resident Evil Village. While some may be disappointed with the results, we believe this is still an impressive result for a first attempt. 

Future games like Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Resident Evil 4 should bring more improvements as studios become accustomed to developing for the hardware of Apple devices.

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