Resident Evil 9 & Code Veronica Remake Show Up In New Listing

It seems Capcom is gearing up to announce Resident Evil 9 Revenant Shadows after a retail listing showed the game for PS5.

Code Veronica Remake Is Being Developed By RE4 Remake Studio

The recently leaked Code Veronica Remake is being developed by the same team behind the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resident Evil Code Veronica Is Capcom’s Next Remake, Hints Insider

Capcom is reportedly working on Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica remakes for the future of this series.

Resident Evil 9 Reportedly Pushed Back To Late 2025/ Early 2026

According to a reliable leaker, Resident Evil 9 is no longer expected to launch in early 2025 due to another delay.

Capcom Outdid Itself With Resident Evil 4 Remake Last Year

Resident Evil 4 is not only a solid horror game remake, but it serves as an example of Capcom at its very best.

Developers Need To Stop Forcing Open Worlds Into Every Game

In an attempt to capitalize on the open world hype, the industry seems to be churning out subpar open world games to fill the market.

Resident Evil 1 Remake Reportedly In Development From Capcom

New reports provide evidence for another Resident Evil 1 Remake for modern technology to celebrate the IP's 30th anniversary.

Dead Rising Deserves Resident Evil-Like Remake From Capcom

Capcom continues to support Resident Evil with new remakes, but Dead Rising is just as deserving of a re-release.

Modern Fighting Games Have Failed To Elevate The Genre

For all the buzz surrounding fighting games last year, recent releases from the biggest studios seem to have fallen flat on their faces.

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