Analysis Concludes Gran Turismo 7 Wins Over Forza Motorsport In Visual Faceoff

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PlayStation Takes Racing Game Visuals Crown!

Story Highlights
  • Forza Motorsport was created as a current-gen racing experience to showcase the Xbox Series S|X consoles in 2023.
  • Gran Turismo 7 is a cross-gen release from 2022, yet it managed to go toe to toe with Forza Motorsport.
  • According to a detailed visual analysis, Gran Turismo 7 wins against Forza Motorsport by a small margin.

There has always been competition between Forza and Gran Turismo. Pitched as racing sims exclusive to Xbox and PlayStation, there is an inherent rivalry between these two racing IPs.

Turn 10 recently debuted Forza Motorsport with striking visuals and the most realistic driving experience this series has to offer. A few months later, the studio’s work has been put to the test by Digital Foundry.

Through an in-depth analysis, the experts have put this argument to rest, crowning Gran Turismo 7 as the best-looking racing game.

Why it matters: Just like the rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation, the rivalry continues with the games, too, and one of the most heated arguments has finally been settled.

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The team has created an hour-long comparison, delving into the finest details of these games. Comparisons reveal that both games look spectacular, but there can only be one winner, and Gran Turismo 7 took the crown more often than not.

For starters, details like the grass on race tracks in the PlayStation IP look better. While both games feature vivid lighting, Gran Turismo 7 seems to do a better job of showcasing the light’s interactions with cars.

Forza Motorsport also falls behind in terms of car interiors despite a massive step up over its predecessors. Overall, Polyphony Digital has done a better job capturing smaller details like tail lights to create an immersive racing experience.

Thanks to these advantages, the analysis says:

“This(GT7) is our pick for the most visually striking game of the two.”

Still, Forza Motorsport excels in various areas. The destruction, in particular, is a highlight. While the PlayStation offering takes a more toned-down approach to car damage and environmental destruction, Turn 10 pulls out all the stops.

Similarly, the Xbox game pulls ahead in terms of dirt physics and tree rendering. Therefore, despite the outcome, both games have their strengths and are evenly matched in numerous scenarios.

Forza Motorsport Gran Turismo 7
Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7 Graphics

Interestingly, Polyphony Digital is yet to release a game built for the PS5. This makes the comparison more interesting since Gran Turismo 7 is also available on the PS4, while Forza Motorsport skipped last-gen hardware.

For all its visual excellence, Gran Turismo 7 is unlikely to arrive on PC, where the game could shine. This leaves PC players with the Xbox release as the only option between the two, but both games are excellent in their own right.

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