Forza Motorsport Takes Throne For Best Looking Racing Game

Delivers True Current-Gen Racing Experience!

Forza Motorsport was released yesterday to positive reception, receiving praise for many parts of the game. However, one standout aspect of Turn 10’s latest release has to be the visual quality.

Fans had to wait for six years to enjoy a new simulation racing experience from Forza, and this release delivers a beautiful rendition of hundreds of cars and tracks. After having spent several hours with the game, I believe Forza Motorsport is the best-looking racing game.

Why it matters: The racing game is a major part of the Xbox first-party lineup in 2023, bringing the year to an end with another well-received AAA game.

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Current-Generation Visuals

As someone passionate about racing games and their eye candy, I can say that Forza Motorsport rarely disappoints. The game is beautiful, with highly detailed car interiors, beautifully lit tracks, and accurate renditions of popular locations.

Turn 10 has also included a dynamic weather system in the racer, and the game looks almost unreal during the most intense weather effects. During night races, in particular, my jaw dropped to the floor when rain droplets violently splashed on the windshield in first-person, obscuring my view and emulating a lifelike experience.

Ray tracing is another highlight of the game. With accurate reflections and ray-traced ambient occlusion, the game looks stunning in motion. Throughout all this, Turn 10’s incredible work allows the game to maintain 60FPS at a dynamic 4K resolution.

Racing Past The Competition

Given the fact that Forza Motorsport is among the few current-generation racing games, its excellent visuals were to be expected, but I have found it delivers a better experience than the likes of last year’s Need for Speed Unbound.

Apart from the recent Need for Speed game, Gran Turismo 7 was another gorgeous racing game from last year. Following Forza Motorsport’s recent release, many have compared the two games. Having done the same, I concluded Turn 10’s racer is the better-looking game.

While Gran Turismo 7 excels in areas like the class-leading car interiors, the Xbox offering delivers a better overall package. Additionally, shadows are more detailed in Forza Motorsport, and the game features superior car exteriors.

In my opinion, Turn 10 has done an excellent job of portraying the intricacies of car damage, making every crash and collision more impactful than the last. However, Gran Turismo 7 falls behind in this aspect.

While not part of the visuals, I also found the audio design of Gran Turismo 7 lacking in comparison.

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These visual elements come together for an immersive and breathtaking racing simulation in the latest Forza title. Apart from the visuals, Forza Motorsport delivers excellent animation quality, vehicle handling, and physics systems.

While the game is not perfect by any means, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the return of Xbox’s flagship simulation racing franchise.

Forza Motorsport is a spectacular return to form for a series I have always enjoyed. The game is full of potential, and I cannot wait to see where Turn 10 takes it in the coming years.

For anyone curious about this racing experience, Xbox has already made the game available on Game Pass, allowing gamers to try it without having to commit to a $70 purchase.

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