GTA 5 Is Officially 10 Years Old Today

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It Has Already Been A Decade!

GTA 5 is Rockstar Games’ most successful release to date. The game has sold over 185 million copies, making it one of the most profitable releases in the entire entertainment industry.

To this date, people are playing GTA 5 and enjoying various parts of the game. Much of the game’s success comes from its online mode, GTA Online, which has received continued support from Rockstar Games for a decade.

This iconic title has now turned 10 years old, and it remains one of the best offerings from the series. 

Why it matters: GTA 5 changed the fate of the Grand Theft Auto franchise and Rockstar Games. While the series had already been popular before, the 2013 release took it to unprecedented levels of success.

GTA 5 introduced several innovations to the series. It was released with breathtaking visuals, making it one of the best-looking games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Rockstar Games’ headlining feature came in the form of multiple playable characters. GTA 5 introduced Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, three characters who had distinct personalities and added a unique charm to the title.

Players were given the ability to switch between the three characters in real-time at any point in the game, leading to the most varied experience in a Grand Theft Auto title to date.

It also featured an impressive open world with diverse locations. Set in Los Santos, Rockstar Games allowed players to immerse themselves in a fictional setting inspired by Los Angeles.

These strong aspects earned it perfect scores and praise from the entire industry, encouraging Rockstar Games to release the game on several other platforms, with the latest release coming in the form of PS5 and Xbox Series S|X versions.

While GTA 5 is expected to remain influential for many years, fans are ready to move onto GTA 6 after a decade of the last title. Many have high hopes for a potential teaser to celebrate the 10th anniversary of GTA 5.

However, fans were recently disappointed as Rockstar Games added underwhelming content to GTA Online as a celebration.

GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 can currently be found across all major platforms except the Nintendo Switch.

Due to its influence, the game has reached nearly every corner of the industry, but players who have yet to try the game can often find it selling below $20 during digital sales.

The 10th anniversary of GTA 5 is a historical moment for Rockstar Games. Fans expect to learn something about GTA 6 on this day, claiming that a teaser for the next Grand Theft Auto entry would make it a memorable anniversary.

GTA 6 has been in development for eight years and is expected to be released within the next two years. Therefore, an early teaser will likely add to the current buzz around the series.

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