GTA 6 Has Reportedly Been In The Works For At Least 8 Years

Was Already In Development In 2015!

GTA 6 has been confirmed to be in development for over a year. Last year, a leak also highlighted Rockstar Games’ progress with the game, giving players a detailed look at early footage from the game.

Take-Two has already confirmed that the project is highly ambitious, with Rockstar Games aiming for perfection. The studio may have spent over half a decade in this pursuit, with the game being in development before Red Dead Redemption 2 was released.

According to a LinkedIn profile, GTA 6 was already in the works as early as 2015.

Why it matters: AAA games have begun to take longer and longer with each passing generation. This could also mean that the next GTA game may not be released for another ten years.

GTA6 Cover concept

As spotted by a user on Reddit, a former Rockstar employee was working on GTA 6 in 2015.

This means the game has already been in development for at least eight years. Since the profile only highlights the developer’s own experience, it is also possible that early work on the game began before 2015.

Take-Two has recently hinted at a release window between 2024 and 2025 for GTA 6. This would put the game’s development cycle at a period of around one full decade, possibly making it the most time-consuming project in the industry.

It is not uncommon for studios to begin work on new projects immediately after a game is released. However, Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption 2 during this period.

This might be another hint at the studio’s incredible ambitions for GTA 6. Despite an incredible game like Red Dead Redemption 2 gearing up for release in 2018, the developer had already begun work on the next Grand Theft Auto title.

The LinkedIn profile also mentions the rumored sequel to Bully. This provides further evidence that Bully 2 was in development at some point, but various reports have claimed that the game was eventually canceled by the studio.

Each new piece of information about GTA 6 has led to more excitement for the game. However, Rockstar Games has recently received criticism for what appears to be another poor re-release with Red Dead Redemption.

Still, the studio has not disappointed audiences with new games yet. Rockstar Games has continued to release genre-defining games for the last 15 years, and GTA 6 might be another fine addition to the studio’s catalog of exceptional games.

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Avinash Jaisrani
Avinash Jaisrani
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