Rockstar Officially Confirmed GTA 6 On This Day Last Year

Still Waiting For Official Trailer!

Few games have built the anticipation and mystery that Rockstar’s next Grand Theft Auto entry has managed to achieve. GTA 6 is among the most anticipated games of all time, with Rockstar leaving a gap of nearly a decade between GTA 5 and the next game.

But GTA 6 is no longer a myth. Gaming audiences know that Rockstar is hard at work on the game, and an unexpected leak last year also showed footage from an early build of the game.

The game is confirmed to be in active development, and February 4 marks one year since Rockstar officially announced GTA 6, pulling the curtains on the next GTA release.

Rockstar GTA 6 Grand Theft Auto 6
Source: Rockstar Games

The developer finally addressed the elephant in the room on February 4. For gaming audiences, a new GTA entry was never a doubt, but it was still great to have official confirmation from the developers. 

However, over a year later, the industry hardly knows about Rockstar’s plans for the game. The leaks gave fans a comprehensive look at the game, but this was not how many had wanted to learn about GTA 6. 

Despite recent controversies surrounding Rockstar, there is no denying the quality and polish each new game from the developer has brought to the table. As such, fans expect an impressive and revolutionary release with the next Grand Theft Auto, but the leaks failed to portray a positive image of GTA 6.

Looking at Rockstar’s history and previous leaks, a GTA 6 trailer in 2023 seems pretty plausible. The developer has likely been setback due to the recent leaks, but development on the game has been underway for over three years, according to some reports. 

Microsoft also expects the game to be released in 2024. While this remains to be seen, GTA 6 is sure to be an iconic release. Even if the game falls short of expectations, gaming audiences will likely be pleased to finally have a new entry in the long-running Grand Theft Auto franchise. 

Are you looking forward to GTA 6? Do you think a trailer will be released this year? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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