Fans Are Disappointed At The State Of The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition On Steam

Steam Release Does Not Offer Any Improvements!

Rockstar is among the most prestigious developers in the gaming industry. With releases like Grand Theft Auto, Bully, and Read Dead Redemption to their name, the studio is synonymous with high-quality releases. 

However, the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition starkly contrasts Rockstar’s previous games. Combining three legendary games, the trilogy was advertised as the definitive experience for these classics. 

Despite the anticipation, the trilogy came out in a terrible state. Over a year after the original release, Rockstar and Grove Street Games had another shot at redeeming the GTA Trilogy. 

The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition has recently been released on Steam. Many fans were expecting an update to accompany the new release, fixing most of the issues with the release. Much to everyone’s disappointment, Rockstar and Grove Street Games failed to deliver.

Fans have been disappointed at the state of the games on Steam, and many have taken to Twitter to express their opinion on the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition.

Some have called out Rockstar on their promises from over a year ago. 

After the disastrous launch of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, Rockstar and Grove Street Games promised to address the issues with the game. However, the Steam release continues to be plagued with similar problems.

Fans have also sarcastically claimed that the Steam version is not worth the asking price. Despite a steep discount of 50% at release, audiences still believe that GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is not worth buying.

Others have been disappointed with Rockstar’s treatment of the classic games, calling the release ‘lazy remasters.’

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Rockstar Steam
Source: Twitter

Looking at the state of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, it is clear that Rockstar and Grove Street Games do not intend to offer much to fix the games. Rockstar may have already moved on, focusing on future projects. 

The developer is currently busy working on the next mainline installment in the GTA franchise. GTA 6 was leaked a few months prior, and the project is shaping to be the most anticipated release of the coming years.

Fans might finally get their first glimpse at GTA 6 in 2023. We hope Rockstar will learn from this mistake, delivering an incredible game worthy of the developer’s portfolio. 

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Avinash Jaisrani
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