Titanfall 3 Potentially Teased After Massive Titanfall 2 Update

Fixing Major Matchmaking And Server Issues!

The Titanfall franchise turned 9 earlier this year, and Respawn Entertainment has provided a nice treat for users as the IP approaches its 10th anniversary. Titanfall 2 was released in 2016, but the game has not been playable for many years.

In addition to problems like hacking, Titanfall 2 has faced issues with its servers and matchmaking, preventing its large fanbase from enjoying the game over the last few years.

However, Respawn Entertainment appears to have updated the game, fixing its major problems and introducing new content for the first time in years.

Why it matters: Titanfall has retained its place in the FPS genre because it provides a distinction experience based on precise and skill-based movement, enhanced by the thrill of giant titan combat.

Vanilla Titanfall2 is confirmed playable! (also some reddit stuff)
byu/GeckoEidechse intitanfall


The latest update is a major one as it includes additions loyal fans have been waiting for. Respawn Entertainment has introduced a new mode called Attack on Titan.

Until recently, the game was mostly unplayable on the PC version. Titanfall 2 suffered from unstable PC servers, and players often faced sudden disconnection during the process of matchmaking.

However, such issues have been fixed. In particular, Respawn Entertainment has fixed problems with the matchmaking, main menu disconnections, and private matches are no longer limited to Beta.

Respawn Entertainment has also quietly sneaked in a teaser for a potential new game.


The developers have added Nessie, the plushie mascot from the Apex Legends, to the places that have been fixed in the recent update. Along with this, the recent Apex Legends season ended with a teaser which stated:

“Incoming Transmission… Subject: Nessie… 1394521200, 1477638000, 1549267200.”

The number sequence from the update refers to UNIX timestamps for Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends. Following the updates and these teasers, fans have speculated that Respawn Entertainment is teasing Titanfall 3.

While Titanfall 3 was already in development for nearly a year before being canceled in favor of Apex Legends, the latest updates could be the beginning of something greater for the first-person shooter IP.

Vince Zampella has already expressed interest in revisiting the franchise, but nothing has been officially confirmed. Nonetheless, those looking to try Titanfall 2 can buy the game on Steam, as it is currently selling at a 90% discount.

This discount has led to thousands of players returning to the sci-fi shooter, breathing new life into Titanfall 2.

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