PS5 Exclusive Rise of the Ronin PEGI Rating Suggests Extreme Violence

Rise of the Ronin might take Ghost of Tsushima's Throne as PlayStation's Best samurai action!

Story Highlights
  •  Rise of the Ronin is only months away from its release.
  • The title has received an 18+ rating, suggesting extreme Violence in the game.
  • It might become a bigger hit than Ghost of Tsushima in the action samurai category.

Though 2023 was one of the greatest years for gaming, with so many great releases, 2024 continues the momentum with great games, as Sony’s lineup for 2024 looks stacked with many great titles.

One of them is the anticipated Rise of the Ronin, which has been recently rated, and the European board has given the game a mature rating for its deep combat.

Why it matters: The recent footage of the game looks promising as it will be the Team Ninja’s first entry in many years for not focusing on the Souls-likes games.

Rise of The Ronin rated
Source: PEGI

As seen above, Rise of the Ronin has received an 18+ rating for Violence and gambling from Pan European Game Information.

While not much has been revealed in the rating, 18+ ratings are usually given for gross Violence, graphic content, and many more. So, you can expect all of it in the upcoming Rise of the Ronin.

However, this was supposed to be obvious as all of the footage and trailers of the game show great combat and intense violence, making the title an obvious choice for receiving an 18+ rating for all the mentioned reasons.

YouTube video

The developers have confirmed that Rise of the Ronin will only be coming on PS5 and skip last-gen consoles, as the developers want to take full advantage of the powerful PS5 hardware.

Ghost of Tsushima was released over three years ago and praised by multiple developers and fans for its beautiful open world, and the developers had a budget of just $60 million; Rise of the Ronin may offer a similar experience to fans with a bit much more Violence.

Rise of the Ronin may become another hit in the samurai action category if things go great for developers. Nonetheless, we are months away from getting our hands on the title.

The game’s release date has already been confirmed, and it’s arriving on the 22nd of March, 2024.

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