Ghost of Tsushima Thoroughly Impressed Final Fantasy Creator

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Japanese Devs Can't Stop Admiring The Game!

Story Highlights
  • Ghost of Tsushima has an incredible open world that places its Japanese setting at the center of the experience.
  • The Final Fantasy creator has also enjoyed his time playing the game.
  • He was impressed with the fact that the game was not created by a Japanese team but retained authenticity to the locations.

Ghost of Tsushima hit the market three years ago as one of the final first-party titles released before the PS5 came out. Despite a budget of merely $60 million, this game presented an immersive open world that rarely failed to impress.

Other aspects, like the game’s accuracy to Japanese themes and culture, did not disappoint either. Despite coming from a Western studio, Ghost of Tsushima has impressed many Japanese developers, including the creator of Final Fantasy.

Why it matters: Before the game’s release, many were concerned that a Western developer would not be a great choice for a game set in Japan. Suffice it to say, Sucker Punch Productions proved everyone wrong.

During a recent interview, the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, talked about Ghost of Tsushima and expressed that he enjoyed playing the game. According to Genki_Jpn, he stated:

“I really enjoyed its gameplay and systems. It was very authentic to the real place.”

Hironobu Sakaguchi found this authenticity even more impressive since it did not come from a Japanese studio. With the developer having decades of experience working on legendary franchises, this compliment is a massive deal.

In the past, Ghost of Tsushima received similar praise from Shinji Mikami, another Japanese creator who pioneered the Resident Evil franchise. Both comments prove that Sucker Punch Productions nailed nearly every part of the game.

The studio put a lot of time and effort into researching Japanese culture. It also included nods to classic Japanese samurai films, allowing fans to play the game with a filter paying homage to icons like Akira Kurosawa.

Ghost of Tsushima

Following this success, Sucker Punch Productions may have already made plenty of progress on Ghost of Tsushima 2. As of last year, job listings hinted that the team was working on a sequel, but an announcement is yet to be made.

The title was a commercial success, selling nearly 10 million copies. This success was clearly well-deserved since influential developers have also been quite fond of Sucker Punch Productions’ work.

Ghost of Tsushima has gone down as one of the PS4’s best first-party titles. It was also one of the few brand-new IPs from PlayStation that managed to leave a mark in recent years, firmly establishing itself alongside the likes of God of War and Spider-Man.

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