Titanfall 3 Has Been Ignored For Far Too Long

We Really Need A New Titanfall Game!

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  • First-person shooters could use more varied settings and gameplay elements, making it the perfect time for Respawn Entertainment to create Titanfall 3.
  • The last entry in the franchise underperformed, but it has been considered an underrated classic of the genre since then.
  • Respawn Entertainment has shown interest in the project already, so it seems like another game is only a matter of time.

Titanfall gained popularity nine years ago after its initial release in 2014. The first game took the FPS genre by storm, immediately capturing audiences through fresh movement mechanics and a sci-fi setting.

Two years later, the studio refined the pillars established in 2014. Titanfall 2 also introduced a campaign, but the developers were quick to move on after striking gold with Apex Legends in 2019.

While the studio worked on the third entry for ten months, the project was abandoned mid-development for a battle royale approach with a hero shooter based on existing mechanics.

However, with battle royale fatigue beginning to set in, I believe this is the right time for Respawn Entertainment to consider Titanfall 3 again.

Why it matters: The demand for Titanfall 3 is undeniable, making it a lucrative option for Respawn Entertainment and EA at a time when the Battlefield IP is doing worse than in its prime.

Titanfall 2

FPS Games Have Become Stale

For someone like me, who has spent much of his time playing FPS games like CS:GO, Battlefield, and Call of Duty, I believe 2023 has not been the greatest year for this genre.

Even before 2023, games like Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite, and recent Call of Duty releases failed to live up to expectations. However, I enjoyed playing The Finals, concluding that FPS games need more titles that deviate from the traditional gameplay loop and modern setting.

Therefore, this is the right time for Respawn Entertainment to revive Titanfall from its long slumber. In the past, this IP suffered due to an overshadowed launch and lack of support. The latter should no longer be a problem since the developer now has years of experience supporting a live service game.

With the current gap in the market, the studio should capitalize on an opportunity that was not there in 2016. There is a clear lack of AAA sci-fi and movement-shooters, so Titanfall 3 would become a big hit in no time.

Titanfall 3

Titanfall 2 Was Extremely Underrated

Titanfall 2 never got the love it deserved. While the game has a hardcore community that still supports it through custom servers on PC, its gameplay loop never got a major opportunity to shine.

Among the current battle royale games, Apex Legends is the go-to game for those who prefer frenetic skill-based movement. The skeleton of this movement system was already present in Titanfall 2, further amplified with the ability to boost jump and wall run.

Barring the extremely fun mayhem of duking it out as giant titans, Respawn Entertainment’s take on infantry-based combat was extremely polished. With punchy guns, a movement system with unparalleled momentum, and a large variety of modes, this title delivered a multiplayer offering like no other.

Back in 2014, fans criticized Respawn Entertainment’s decision to skip a single-player campaign. In 2016, the studio struck back with an excellent single-player story, reminding everyone that this team once established the formula for Call of Duty’s campaigns in the original Modern Warfare series.

Titanfall 2’s campaign was a pleasant surprise and is often remembered as the highlight of this game. In addition to a memorable story, creative level design, and high-stakes battles, it introduced an incredible time travel mechanic that took advantage of the series’ sci-fi setting.

Titanfall Released 9 Years Ago

Titanfall 3 Is Inevitable

While I would love to see franchises like Bully returning as well, a new Titanfall game is not very far from the realm of possibility. Titanfall 3 may not be in development, but Vince Zampella has already expressed interest in the game.

As stated earlier, a new entry was already in development at one point. Additionally, the studio recently dropped various teasers supposedly hinting at Titanfall 3, leading to buzz from the community.

While none of this manifested into anything meaningful, I remain hopeful that something will arrive eventually.

Despite the recent lack of support for this IP, there is still clear demand for Titanfall 3. Fans continue to populate lobbies in both games on all platforms, theorize about potential hints from Respawn Entertainment, and keep expectations high.

Much of this IP’s potential is still untapped, and it would be a shame to see Titanfall being lost to time.

As we wait for the studio to deliver a new game, I recommend everyone to try Titanfall 2 in the meantime. The game is currently available through EA Play/Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and it goes on sale below $5 multiple times each year.

For this price, the single-player campaign alone is enough to justify the purchase, and the multiplayer component is just the icing on the cake. Recently, this title went through a major resurgence, with thousands of players still active on Steam.

For those who want a more fun experience with custom game modes, the Northstar client for Titanfall 2 also remains a great option to experience the multiplayer component in a safe environment on PC.

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