Titanfall 2 Daily Steam Peaks Rose To 17K Players After Resurgence

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Best Time To Jump Back Into Titanfall 2!

Respawn Entertainment abandoned the Titanall franchise for many years, but Titanfall 2 has finally begun to receive the love it deserves.

The game is currently selling at a 90% discount on Steam, which has already brought many new players to the game. The studio has also updated Titanfall 2 recently, fixing many of the lingering issues with matchmaking and servers.

All of this has culminated in a massive resurgence lasting several days. Over the last week, Titanfall 2 has maintained daily concurrent peaks of around 17K players on Steam, hinting at the excitement around the title.

Why it matters: The Titanfall franchise is one of a kind in the AAA industry as it captures players with a unique sci-fi aesthetic and gameplay revolving around its skill-based movement system.

Titanfall 2 SteamDB
Source: SteamDB

As seen above, Titanfall 2 has been reaching around 17-20K players each day for a week, and at the time of writing, Titanfall 2 has over 17K players enjoying the game.

Prior to the updates, the game was limited to daily concurrent peaks of around 1K players. This was because the matchmaking issues made it unplayable on PC for thousands of players.

While the game has an all-time concurrent peak of 27K players, which was set nearly two years ago, the current resurgence may lead to a brand-new all-time peak for Titanfall 2 in the coming days.

Respawn Entertainment has also teased Titanfall 3 recently. This has led to more excitement, with many hoping that the teaser leads to something much bigger for the series.

Titanfall 2

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Respawn Entertainment had begun work on Titanfall 3 after the second game. However, ten months later, the game was scrapped as the team began to focus on what would become Apex Legends.

However, the recent patches and updates suggest that the studio is interested in the IP again. Previously, Vince Zampella also stated he would love to see another game in the franchise.

Nonetheless, fans will be glad that a somewhat underrated FPS title is more popular than ever on Steam.

With the current discount and active community, Titanfall 2 is in a great state, providing an excellent opportunity for old players to jump back in and join the action.

The game is also very beginner-friendly, presenting an exciting opportunity for new players looking to try a different taste of the FPS genre.

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