GTA 6 Florida Joker Reappears For Final Warning; Raises Demand To $5 Million

"Ya'll Playing With My Intelligence"

Story Highlights
  • GTA 6 contains references to various social media trends, including the Florida Joker.
  • Lawrence Sullivan believed Rockstar stole his character for its game and asked the studio for $2 million shortly after the first trailer went live.
  • In his latest message, he has given the developer a deadline of 11 January before pursuing legal action, raising his demand to $5 million.

Earlier this month, GTA 6 was finally showcased after ten years of waiting. Like past games, Rockstar is taking inspiration from real-world events, referencing the Florida Joker, among other things, in the trailer.

However, Lawrence Sullivan claims Rockstar stole his likeness for the game. He threatened to sue the company if it did not pay him $2 million, and several weeks later, he has returned for one final message.

Why it matters: The Florida Joker has made multiple videos addressing Rockstar and its developers, but many believe he is doing this to gain more attention.

In his latest message, the Florida Joker has called out Rockstar like before. However, he now wants a whopping $5 million, raising his demand by $3 million. He said:

“Ya’ll playing with my intelligence. This is the final warning.”

Lawrence Sullivan pointed out that he is now ready to proceed with legal action, recently meeting two of his lawyers to discuss the case.

He has supposedly sent a letter to the studio already, offering the company time to think about his demand till his birthday on 11 January. Explaining the reason for his new demand, the Florida Joker pointed out that he has been constantly harassed since the game’s reveal.

The GTA 6 trailer was watched by millions, reaching over 100 million views in less than two days. Therefore, Lawrence Sullivan has gained a lot of recognition since early December, and not all of it has been positive.

According to the message, people keep calling him the Florida Joker from GTA 6 everywhere he goes, whether at the airport or the streets.



Despite his constant warnings and messages, many believe these messages are nothing more than empty threats. Lawrence Sullivan is getting a lot of attention, but it seems unlikely for him to proceed with legal action since the trailer will be a month old soon.

However, even if he were to go through with legal action, massive companies like Rockstar and Take-Two are more than well-equipped to deal with such problems, with such threats equating to little more than an everyday nuisance to the studios.

Rockstar is no stranger to such lawsuits due to the developer’s use of real-world references in its games.

In 2018, Rockstar won a lawsuit against Lindsay Lohan, who claimed the studio used her likeness for the woman on the GTA 5 cover. If the Florida Joker insists on going through with his threats, he is likely to face a similar loss in court.

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