GTA 6 Florida Joker Calls Out Rockstar; Wants $2 Million For Likeness

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Florida Man Unhappy With Rockstar!

Story Highlights
  • GTA 6 was revealed on 5 December and showcased various real-world references.
  • Among those referenced, the Florida Joker has responded to Rockstar Games.
  • He wants $2 million as compensation for the studio using his likeness.

Footage of GTA 6 is officially out in the wild. The first trailer showcases gorgeous visuals, never-before-seen NPC density, and details like various references to real-world events in Florida.

Among the real-world references, players have spotted trends like the neighborhood freakouts from a few years ago and the Florida Joker. However, the latter has not been pleased with Rockstar Games using his likeness.

Following the trailer, he called out Rockstar Games, asking for $2 million as compensation.

Why it matters: The Grand Theft Auto franchise is known to parody American culture and real-world events. With nods to various events throughout the years, this IP has always provided its take on such popular and outlandish figures.

Once the Florida Joker spotted his likeness in GTA 6, he was quick to send a message to the developers on social media. His first message said:

“We gotta talk GTA. You gotta give me like a million or 2.”

As expected, Rockstar Games has yet to respond. In the past, the studio faced similar criticism from Lindsay Lohan, who believed the studio used her likeness for the famous GTA 5 loading screen.

Such cases have historically proven to be futile, with legal action being overruled in favor of the developers. The Florida Joker, in particular, has also received a response from Roger Clark.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 voice actor pointed out that the team behind Grand Theft Auto is used to dealing with such issues, with their strong legal team being capable of handling such accusations.

Therefore, it does not seem like the Florida Joker will be able to fulfill his demands.

GTA 6 Female Protagonist Lucia

Apart from these controversies, the reactions to GTA 6 have been extremely positive. Fans have been marveling at Rockstar Games’ work, appreciating the generational leap between the latest depiction of Vice City.

It remains to be seen if the Florida Joker will receive the $2 million he wants from Rockstar Games. While this appears highly unlikely, the Florida Joker does not seem interested in backing down.

Nonetheless, GTA 6 is slated for a console-exclusive launch in  2025, referencing several others like this character to highlight its over-the-top take on Florida.

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