GTA 6 Trailer Is Packed With Details; Here Are 5 Things We Learned

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GTA 6 Already Looks Incredibly Promising!

Rockstar Games has broken the internet with the first GTA 6 trailer. Confirming a PS5 and Xbox Series S|X release, the developer hopes to reach a new level of immersion and storytelling in open-world games with this entry.

While the first trailer lasts just under 91 seconds, it packs a lot of information. In addition to obvious references to the Vice City setting and the protagonists, Rockstar Games has left various small tidbits for fans to hunt and speculate over.

In this article, we have collected a few of the more important and catching parts of GTA 6. Below, you will find our biggest takeaways from the game’s reveal.

GTA 6 Is Set In Leonida

GTA 6 Vice City Leonida
Image Credits: Rockstar Games

The first trailer wastes no time clarifying the long-rumored Vice City setting for GTA 6. However, it also shows that Rockstar Games is taking fans to a fictional depiction of Florida.

This state is called Leonida in the game, and, in typical Grand Theft Auto fashion, the studio has used the trend of crazy stories from the ‘average Florida man’ to showcase the more insane nature of this state.

Rockstar Continues To Parody Real-World Events

Is that the hammer lady?
byu/HumanAIGPT inGTA6

In the trailer, fans have recognized what seems to be a clear reference to the woman harassing people from Chatsworth. First spotted in 2020, this video became quite popular for its absurdity and bizarre nature.

During the same year, various people shared their own neighborhood nightmare stories, so we can expect multiple encounters like this in GTA 6. Since the woman in the trailer has blonde hair, this is also expected to be a reference to the trend of Karen freakouts from a few years back.

Any other references spotted?
byu/IHitAn11 inGTA6

Additionally, Redditors have spotted a reference to the Joker from Florida. With the game heavily leaning into the trend of insane stunts from Florida locals, GTA 6 is expected to be packed full of such characters.

A Large Variety of Vehicles


So far, the community has identified a diverse range of vehicles in GTA 6. The game offers everything from Yachts and dirt bikes to lowriders and sports cars.

Several returning vehicles have also been seen from GTA 5, including the Maverick, Dodo plane, Cheetah Classic, and the Gauntlet Hellfire. Additionally, the footage shows an airboat and potential returning mechanics like vehicle towing.

Therefore, the game is set to include numerous vehicles that highlight Vice City’s diversity and culture.

Vice City Locations


The opening shot of GTA 6 showcases the prison where Lucia is held. Throughout the 90-second footage, Rockstar Games highlights parts of the map, like swamps, the beach, and the nightclub.

However, keen-eyed users have spotted signs pointing to locations like Vice City Airport, Kelly County, and Stockyard Downtown. A tennis court is also featured in the footage, implying the return of this playable activity from GTA 5.

The Flordia Keys are featured prominently in the game, while another shot points to an underground street racing scene. Therefore, the game will have no shortage of varied locations in its open world, expected to be thrice as large as its predecessor’s.

The Thrillbilly Mud Club & Off-Roading

GTA 6 Thrillbilly Mud Club

Toward the end, Rockstar Games highlights an off-roading scene in the GTA 6 trailer. Dubbed the Thrillbilly Mud Club, this section likely points to a large focus on off-road racing, customization for trucks, and stunts.

Since Red Dead Redemption 2 already featured impressive mud and dirt physics, the studio has likely carried these features over to its upcoming game, which should add a new layer of excitement to these events.

Apart from off-roading, bike fans will be able to enjoy dirt bikes, and these features could tie into the game’s eventual online mode through clans.

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Final Thoughts

Perhaps the game’s crowd and focus on detail stand out the most. GTA 6 was always expected to be an ambitious title, but the first footage shows an open world unlike any other.

The sheer scale of Vice City and the density of pedestrians, cars, and NPCs make the game appear like a next-gen open-world title, and we certainly hope to see what Rockstar Games can pull off in the final release.

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