Final Fantasy 15 Director Still Regrets Canceling DLC

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"I Couldn't Stop It"

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  • Final Fantasy 15 was initially set to receive four DLC packs, but three of them were later canceled after internal issues.
  • Director Hajime Tabata has confirmed that this decision was not made by him, and he still regrets it.

Final Fantasy 15 was perhaps the most anticipated release in Square Enix’s JRPG series. While the game sold 10 million units, fans look back on this entry with mixed reactions today.

First revealed as Final Fantasy Versus 13, this game had a very interesting development, leading to a somewhat rushed release, which was expected to be completed by additional DLC.

While the developers announced four DLC packs for the JRPG, three were canceled two years after the game was released. This disappointed the fans, but the director has recently confirmed that the decision was not his call.

Why it matters: Final Fantasy 15 received the most marketing of any modern Final Fantasy game. However, this led to high expectations and became a major reason for the game’s failure.

Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 15


During a recent interview with 4gamer, director Hajime Tabata reflected on the DLCs that never saw the light of day.

He left the studio in 2018, and Square Enix did not hesitate to cancel the already-announced content. While many believed the director made this call, he clarified that this was not the case. Hajime Tabata said:

“I still regret it to this day.”

He was also asked about the missing content from the “Dawn of the Future” story, as it was not completed in the game. The director recalled:

“I was depressed at the time because I couldn’t stop it.”

While the exact reasons for the cancelation remain a mystery, Hajime Tabata has apologized to the fans. Ultimately, it wasn’t his fault, but as a creator, the director feels upset that his big title could not receive the love he intended for it.

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Hajime Tabata now hopes to use past disappointments to motivate himself for the future. With aims to make better games, the director is working on two RPGs, one of which will be released on consoles.

While the story of Final Fantasy 15 might never get the love it deserves, Square Enix has been much more willing to support Final Fantasy 16. This title has sold 3 million units so far. Following a successful launch, DLC packs and a PC port are also in development.

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