Spider-Man 2 Was Robbed At Game Awards, Fans Claim

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Fans Unhappy After Spider-Man 2 Won Nothing!

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  • Spider-Man 2 was nominated in a total of 7 categories at The Game Awards 2023, but it did not win a single award.
  • Fans believe the game deserved to win at least a few awards.
  • Others stated that it would have won awards in a less stacked year than 2023.

Spider-Man 2 came out swinging in late October and joined the year’s biggest releases in no time. As the best-selling game of October, it sold over 5 million units in just a few weeks.

The game was nominated in 7 categories at The Game Awards but failed to win a single award. This has led to disappointment from the fandom, with many claiming that Spider-Man 2 deserved better treatment.

Why it matters: Apart from Game of the Year, Spider-Man 2 was nominated in categories like Best Game Direction, Best Audio Design, Best Narrative, and more, leading to hopes that it would take home at least a few awards.

Soon after the event, fans on various social media platforms discussed whether Spider-Man 2 was snubbed at The Game Awards 2023.

Unsurprisingly, some fans are very upset. The title is among Insomniac’s best-rated releases yet, with millions enjoying the flashy combat, incredibly fast and satisfying traversal, and memorable narrative.

Therefore, this outcome has shocked fans, with many claiming that Spider-Man 2 deserved a few awards. Meanwhile, others highlighted the technical side of things to justify their arguments.

Spider-Man 2 features instant loading and various other technically impressive aspects. As such, the lack of a single award for this release has become the subject of discourse on the internet.

Elsewhere, however, fans have also been quite reasonable. On Reddit, many pointed out that Spider-Man 2 is quite short, lasting around 15-17 hours. Others highlighted that Insomniac played it too safe for a sequel, leading to unimpressive results.

Spider-Man 2 was nominated seven times and got ZERO awards.
byu/Organic-Pineapple-86 inSpidermanPS4

Many fans on Reddit agreed that the title did not deserve to win most of the awards, let alone Game of the Year. A few also pointed out that the competition was simply too intense for a game like Spider-Man 2 to stand out in 2023.

Ultimately, a more deserving game like Baldur’s Gate 3 won Game of the Year, and a more surprising hit like Alan Wake 2 won Best Narrative, highlighting that Insomniac’s work needed something more than the tried-and-true formula to stand out.

Still, we can’t deny that Spider-Man 2 is a great title at its core. We believe the game is one of the strongest exclusives on PS5, even if it did not live up to expectations at The Game Awards.

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