Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Shows Instant Fast Travel In New Gameplay

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has had fans excited for over two years. The game was initially announced in 2021, and Insomniac Games is finally set to deliver on the promise of a next-generation Spider-Man experience in 2023.

Insomniac Games is putting the PS5 hardware to good use, delivering the most dense version of New York in a Spider-Man game, along with multiple playable characters in the vast open world.

Among other features, the studio’s latest gameplay trailer highlights one crucial aspect of the PS5 console. Its impressive PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD enables instant fast travel, allowing players to seamlessly traverse New York within seconds.

Why it matters: The current-generation consoles are equipped with SSDs, pushing games ahead by eliminating load times and providing an uninterrupted experience across various titles.


Insomniac Games highlights that players can now fast travel between any of the locations in New York in mere seconds.

Once the player picks a location, the game takes less than three seconds to transition to a fixed animation, and players are soon given control of the character once the animation ends.

This also applies to instant switching between the two playable characters. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brings New York to life with new and improved versions of Peter Parker and Miles Morales from Insomniac Games’ last two titles.

Players are free to switch between the characters at any point during free roam. While games like GTA 5 had already introduced similar mechanics several years ago, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 wastes no time in giving control back to players.

Insomniac Games reiterates that such transitions are made possible thanks to the new SSD of the PS5.

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While the latest trailer has already caused plenty of buzz for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, previews for the game are set to go live later today.

The press will soon share its first impressions after several hours with the game, revealing new details about the game in the process.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 swings to the PS5 console on October 20, concluding the year with another exciting first-party game from PlayStation.

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