No Final Fantasy 16 Sequel or Spin-off Planned By Square Enix

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Devs Now Moving To Other Projects!

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  • Two DLCs for Final Fantasy 16 were announced not too long ago.
  • The producer confirms no sequel or spin-off game for this Final Fantasy universe is currently planned.
  • However, the developers may change their minds in the future. 

Final Fantasy 16 is the latest addition to the legendary JRPG IP, introducing players to characters like Clive and a brand new narrative in the larger Final Fantasy universe.

Selling over 3 million units, this game sold according to expectations. This success motivated Creative Business Unit 3 to support the title, leading to the announcement of 2 new DLCs and a PC port.

However, this will likely be the extent of the add-ons for Final Fantasy 16 since the producer recently claimed that Creative Business Unit 3 is already moving on to other projects.

Why it matters: Games like Final Fantasy 7 have received spin-offs in the form of movies, games, and more, highlighting that the latest entry may not have been successful enough to warrant such treatment.

Final Fantasy 16 Square Enix

During a recent interview with Famitsu, producer Naoki Yoshida was asked whether Final Fantasy 16 would receive more expansions in the future.

He confirmed that no future DLCs are planned at the moment and stated that most of the development team has already been disbanded to focus on future projects. Naoki Yoshida added:

“We don’t envision us creating a sequel or spin-off to FF16.”

Explaining the reasons behind this decision, the producer stated that he gathered a great amount of knowledge from working on this title, and instead of focusing on a sequel, he wants to develop new games and face different challenges.

Still, he did not completely close the doors for sequels or spin-offs. Naoki Yoshida emphasized that while nothing is planned at the moment, anything is possible in the future. The producer said:

.”I don’t know what will happen, so I won’t say anything explicitly.”

Therefore, there is still hope that future reception or fan demand may change the team’s mind.

Final Fantasy 16

For fans of Final Fantasy, this information might be disappointing but should not be very surprising.

This series has typically stuck to standalone titles for its sequels, with games like Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy 7 being among the rarer exceptions due to various reasons.

The first DLC for Final Fantasy 16 is now available, and it seems that the second DLC release will bring an end to the long journey of this universe. Meanwhile, Creative Business Unit 3 will continue supporting Final Fantasy 14, so fans of their work can check out the MMO based on this IP.

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