GTA 6 & Vice City Direct Comparison Shows Massive Graphical Leap

Vice City Has Come A Long Way!

Story Highlights
  • Videos on the internet are comparing GTA 6 and Vice City.
  • The setting has gone through a major overhaul, with dense crowds and detailed architecture.
  • This leap shows that gaming has come a long way since 2002.

GTA 6 has been this year’s biggest surprise. The first trailer, which revealed numerous subtle details, in addition to its 2025 release window and console exclusivity, shocked the world and surpassed 100 million views in less than 30 hours.

One noteworthy detail in the trailer was the state of Leonida, a fictional version of Florida, which serves as the setting for the title. The game is also returning to Vice City, a location Rockstar Games fans are already familiar with.

Rockstar Games did a fantastic job with the trailer, showcasing a modern take on Vice City. This footage also encouraged fans to compare GTA 6 and GTA Vice City, highlighting a mind-blowing graphical leap between multiple console generations.

Why it matters: This comparison shows that Rockstar Games has included various nods to the original Vice City, evoking nostalgia for returning players.

YouTube video

GTA Vice City was originally released in 2002. Over twenty years later, GTA 6 has made an incredible leap in visuals, a life-like atmosphere, and attention to detail.

Lavkia posted a comparison video that illustrates how Vice City appears in the two games. The empty beach from Vice City is now populated with hundreds of NPCs, each with their own detailed model and random routines.

The overhead shot reveals a similar story. Vice City is no longer a mostly barren place since Rockstar Games has populated the streets with numerous cars, NPCs, and random activities.

For its time, GTA Vice City was no slouch, but the comparison shows modern graphics and games have evolved beyond imagination. Had any of us seen a game like this in 2002, we would not have believed it was real.


This location was last featured in 2006’s GTA Vice City Stories in 2006. Since then, the franchise has been to Los Santos, Liberty City, and other locations, with Rockstar Games finally ready to return in 2025.

GTA 6 has given fans plenty of reasons to be excited about.

As Rockstar Games’ most ambitious project, this game has the potential to completely change open-world titles, setting a new bar for a breathing world and interactivity in this genre.

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