Fans Believe Ghost of Tsushima Had One of The Most Beautiful Open Worlds

Stellar Art Direction Led To Majestic Open World!

Ghost of Tsushima launched as a first-party PlayStation title in 2020. Due to its Japanese setting and immersive open world, the title became one of the best-selling first-party games on the PS4.

It sold over 5 million units in four months, and PlayStation confirms that it has reached over 10 million lifetime sales. While Ghost of Tsushima had many impressive qualities, its open world and visuals were among the best parts of the game.

Gaming fans on Reddit recently discussed the best open worlds in the industry, and Ghost of Tsushima was mentioned as one of the contenders for having the most beautiful open world.

What was the most beautiful world in a video game for you?
by u/Crocodile_Banger in gaming

The discussion prompted various replies. This included games like Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3, and more. However, Ghost of Tsushima stood out as the most upvoted option.

Tsushima Island provides a wide variety of environments. This includes mountains, hot springs, and flower fields, and this variety is complemented by the game’s incredible art direction.

The art style is vibrant and uses different colors to bring the world to life. As a result, each area of the map feels varied and distinct. Different weather effects also play a part in the brilliance of the open world.

Each time of day presents a unique look to Tsushima Island, and effects like rain and smoke are meticulously crafted to enhance the exquisite look of the world. These elements are tied together by the ingenious guiding wind mechanic.

Jin Sakai can use the guiding wind to navigate the open world. This leads to minimal UI elements on the screen, allowing players to fully appreciate Sucker Punch Production’s open world in all its glory.

All of this means that Ghost of Tsushima can compete with the best-looking games of the last generation since Sucker Punch Production’s brilliant art direction makes up for the game’s lacking visual fidelity.

Ghost of Tsushima also presents an enthralling soundtrack, which further enhances moment-to-moment gameplay. The soundtrack has all kinds of music, ranging from calm and soothing to intense tracks.

Following the praise for the game, it is clear that the visual elements of Ghost of Tsushima are intentionally crafted to captivate and immerse players in the game world, ensuring that the environment remains a memorable aspect of the experience. This excellence has also led to praise from veteran developers like Shinji Mikami.

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